Via of Filiolus

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The Beginning

For millions of ages there was thick darkness, There was no earth, no sky, only the Great Spirit. There was no day or night, no moon or sun; only he alone sitting in unmoving trance.

No existent matter or speech, no air and no water. No creation, no destruction, no coming, no going. No continent, no worlds below, no surging ocean or flowing river.

There was no higher, middle or lower level of existence. There was no heaven and no hell, neither was there death. There was no hell and no heaven, no birth or death, no coming or going.

There was no Sky Lord, Earth Lord, Ocean Lord, Underworld Lord or The Death. No other was to be seen, only the Great Spirit. There was no female or male, no caste and no birth and no-one to suffer pain or pleasure.

There was no karma or maya. Caste and birth were not seen with the eye. There was no snare of affection, death stalked no head. There was nothing to meditate upon.

There was no caste or religious division. No god, no temple, no priest. There was no living sacrifice, no bathing in holy places, no-one to perform worship.

When he willed it, then he created the world and he set the unsupported firmament. He created The Five Lords; karma, maya and temptation.

By His will he created all and watches over it. He founded continent, the universe, the worlds below, the Unmanifest. Manifested Himself.

No one knows His limits. Will His will keep this going, or one day will The End begin?

Belief System

Via of Filiolus is monotheistic, believing in a Great Spirit. To be a member of Via of Filiolus is to be traveling on life's journey, following the road the Great Spirit has set before us. The road leads to death, when we are joined with the Great Spirit; death is not to be feared. Those in Via of Filiolus know that the only thing to fear is breaking faith. To be unfaithful to our superiors, our equals, and even our lessers is to break faith with the system the Great Spirit put in place. Where we are is where we should be, and even if life's path may lead to more power and responsiblity, we should not be jealous of those more successful than ourselves. Many of life's troubles are caused by misunderstandings around the purpose and meaning of life and life's troubles. Fidelity and fealty are the keys to a good life, and those that believe otherwise are misguided and should be taught otherwise.

Temple Locations

All temples have closed, and there are no elder priests left.