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Xerxes Visions

A message, written by Xerxes the Reformer, Seventh Pontifex of Alowca, to his Nobles:

But on to other events of more importance. I come to you all with the gravest of news my friends, I have had a dream in just this past night as I lay in my healer's tents. A dream it seems to me, which has given me foresight into the future, and where we shall take Alowca.

For a time it seemed, that my wounds were mortal and that perhaps my time on this earth was done. I felt the shimmering light of the future life, burning against my face and yet it was not there, and through the bright light I thought I caught a glimpse of white shores where undoubtedly our Lord Alluran resides in his eternal halls of Judgement.

But it seemed, that though I could see into the future life, I was not dead, merely in a state in which the Trinity could send me their message. Long had I pondered our future, would it be war with Oritolon forever? Or perhaps, when the day was won would our struggles be over and then perhaps we could turn towards the true path of spreading the word of our Gods?

I have read the historical documents found within the halls and vaults of our libraries in Alowca. Paper, paled with age and written by Alowcans long gone, or now soiled by the inevitable impurity that is greed and selfishness. My dream was much in the likeness of our father, and founder Rhysten, and that of the Prophet turned heretic Always.

On a once green field, I saw a pale and seemingly sickly but agile and weathered man, in a garb emblazoned with the bright raiment of our most hated foes Oritolon. The man bore a hateful look, his eyes filled with the deepest malice and his rat-like nose pointed and scarred. He carried a knife unlike one I had ever seen, hooked, saw-edged and gruesome in appearance, dripping with the bright red blood of brave Alowcans who lay strewn across the ground.

At first I was blinded with anger at this sight and reached to my side, grasping for my own blade so that I may tackle this monster of a "man" myself and avenge the Alowcan blood spilled in such sadistic fashion. But then I noticed that not all were dead, and still yet a group of valiant Alowcans stood firm before him, their bright swords glistening in the white light. As they fought on against the enemy, I could see him weaken his eyes filled with fear as he called out again and again, howling into abyss, his words indecipherable.

But then, just as the combined might of the valiant Alowcan warriors, now many in number, were about to strike down our most hated enemy, a figure unsee-able in blackest darkness, despite the bright light, loomed from behind, drew his own sword and blocked the righteous blow of Alowcan justice. His cold blade glowing in the colour of a bright and sorcerous lavender. Again and again we tried to overpower this masked assailant, and so come to our enemy to finish him while he licked his wounds in an almost animalike fashion. But try as we might, this interloper continued to halt our advance.

As the brave and valiant nobles of Alowca grew tired in our attempts, the darkened figure came forth and I was awestruck at the ugliness of the monstrosity which had manifested before us. A beast, the most hideous creature imaginable stood in protection of our most hated enemy, and with its great limbs, now prickled with long claws it slashed at the tired ranks of the righteous Alowcan crusaders, and then it turned on others who had joined Alowcan ranks in our fight to end the tyranny of our most hated enemy. But in my amazement, I was amazed and sickened still, to see Always the Heretic, the Betrayer, standing at the left-hand side of this most horrible beast, and the Apostate standing by its right. A sign it seems that Alluran has indeed passed judgement on these most hated of men.

It was in this instance, that I released that our most hated enemy was merely the pawn in the grand scheme our great struggle to fight on to victory. Just as Rhysten foresaw it was Lukon who is our greatest enemy in this fight. For they are the ones who have caused the Colonies such hardship and grief. Thus, just as the rulers of Alowca of yesteryear have experienced before me, the Trinity have once again made clear our greatest threat in this great campaign through vision in the hour of need.

I must admit that in my own nightmares I had thought that this may be so, but in the weeks and months to come I think we can expect that the final confrontation with Oritolon, and perhaps finally Lukon will come....

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