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The Vision

Lord Squeaks, Fiduciary of Alowca and Marshall of The Alowcan Holy Warriors, had this encounter with the God of Judgement, Alluran.

Preparing the documents of the Alowcan Holy Warriors in his palace room, Squeaks starts to doze off in his chair. Suddenly, he woke up from the touch of an ethreal hand. "W-w-w-who are you?" "I am Lord Alluran, God of Judgement. It is my will that you shall be Haruspex Maximus of Alowca. Once you die in battle, noble hero, you will take my place as God of Judgement. I have spent many thousand years doing this and I wish to rest now." "..." Squeaks can say nothing, he just looks off into the distance with a lowered head. "That is the correct way to start your journey, the rest will be left up to you." Lord Alluran starts to walk away, wistfully looking at the meadows beyond the city walls and at a certain scarred tree. "Thank you..." "Soon, my son." And with those last words,he disappears.

Squeaks slowly walks down the palace stairs and through the gate, looking at the very tree Lord Alluran chose. Reaching into the trunk's hole, he pulls out a long sword made of sapphire with a hilt of ruby. In amazement he finds it inscribed: 'Sword of Judgement, Lord Squeaks shall be bearer.'


The Ruling of Always Solo, Apostate and former Pontifex of Alowca

This vision has been declared a heresy by Always Solo. There are several key concepts here that contradict with the doctrine of the Trinity. For starters, if any were touched by a member of the Trinity, they would immediately die. Also, a god of the Trinity cannot be replaced. A new god or goddess can be instated, but in no way replaced. Also, the only cases of a member of the Trinity appearing in physical form have been either to one who has the position of Pontifex, Paladin Primus, or Haruspex Maximus, with the only exceptions being Denariel on the field of battle and to myself several times in between and after my holding these positions. Also, the title of heretic has never been lifted from the head of Squeaks by the Trinity making all he says suspect.

The Defence of Squeaks

Always Solo has been banned from the realm of the Trinity. His bannishment statement placed by Kitsuka: Your place in this realm is not wanted and your presence causes unrest amongst the Nobles. Your original ban should not have been lifted, and a majority vote of the Nobles has seen fit to place it once again.

Also, The Trinity has seen fit to have me appointed Haruspex Maximus. Always has been declared a madman and if I capture him in my dungeons his head will be cut in half while his hands are sliced slowly. The Trinity had never brought the title of heretic down upon my head. This was what you claimed, and now you are declared a rightful heretic. The Apostate had no meaning to me, only protecting the office of Pontifex. The chosen ones must live on until their time has come. The gods ARE gods, they can do as they wish.

The Ruling of Cathal, Blessed Prophet of the Church Militant

The Merciful Judge, our Lord Alluran, is the fundamental embodiment of Justice. To state that He can be replaced is like in both kind and degree to stating that Lord Khagistar can cease to be the Worldshaper. These are not acts the Gods perform or duties they assume but aspects of who they are. Without Alluran there would be no justice just as without Khagistar there would be no creation.

Under his new name Denarien, Squeaks has once more become Judge of Alowca. We have thus had a chance to see the Justice he would set up in place of Alluran's and it has been found vexatious and merciless. By word and by deed this vision is thus proven heretical and anathema to the Church.