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On Human Conflict

Proposed addition to the official documents of the Path.

The first priority as a member of The Manifest Path is the protection of humanity. This implies that anything which hampers humanity's ability to defend and protect itself is evil, whether the source is nature or humans themselves. In practice, this suggests that petty inter-human conflicts must not be allowed to derail our overall purpose.

In order to keep humanity's progress moving forward, The Manifest Path will provide a judiciary body for the resolution of disputes in a timely and fair manner. This body will be responsible for providing judgment in cases that are brought before it for arbitration, as well as for pronouncing judgments and positions at the initiative of The Manifest Path. Judgments will be designed to help both parties move past the dispute, and to minimize any disruptions to the greater interests of The Manifest Path.

When conflicts between two people escalate to the point at which they are harming the fundamental principle that humanity must guard itself, and its corollary assumption that righteous behavior always works with this in mind, the judiciary panel of The Manifest Path may work on its own initiative to provide a binding ruling. Each ruling of this body will be enforced by all available means.

This body will be composed of an odd number of members, not less than 3 nor more than 5, to avoid ties that would create further conflict and delay. Its members will be appointed to year-long terms, which may not be terminated except in cases involving extraordinary circumstances. Appointment will be at the discretion of the leader of the Manifest Path, and should be based on the member's dedication, fairness, and critical thinking skills.

The leader of The Manifest Path should not be a part of the judicial body, though the leader may provide a written opinion on any case that will be given its due weight by the body while deliberating.