The Manifest Path

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NOTE : This is a very new religion to the Island of Dwilight. As such this page is in no way complete, lacks a lot of details regarding spiritual matter such as theories on the soul etc. This is a work in progress.

The Manifest Path is intended to be exactly what the name implies: A path that is manifestly obvious to all who learn of it, at least on Dwilight, as it is an organization that is only fully applicable to those lands.

The Manifest Path endeavours to not ask any leaps of faith, only the exercise of logic with the occasional minor intuitive leap with each step along the Path firmly grounded in provable (or at least supportable) facts.

The Manifest Path starts from the following facts:

1. Abominations spawn or are raised far more frequently in rogue lands than in civilized lands (Note: Civilization is a complex concept to the Path, but in this instance simply refers to lands held and run by established realms).

2. All known entities that have greater than human strength (monsters, undead, Daimons, the Light) have a need or a desire to consume humans (monsters and Daimons eat, undead form themselves from dead humans, the Light took power from the sacrificed blood and lives of humans).

3. There are no entities with provable power to assist humanity that have provided any aid without consuming humans.

Following these facts, there are three assertions that require minor leaps of intuition but are felt to be obvious enough.

1. If a minimal level of civilization is good (the Path generally defines good and evil as relating to the improvement and detriment of humanity in general) then more civilization is better.

2. All non-human entities that physically act in our world are at best suspect.

3. Humanity must guard itself.

The second and third points are the most straightforward. No faith should be put in anything non-human, and we must fight for our own place in the world. These are important, to be sure, but simple. The first is far, far more complex, and following that occupies most of the focus of the Path.

Civilization starts at humanity. More civilization requires more humans, in essence. However, there are many, many more aspects. Infrastructure, walls, troops, gold, food, production, harvesting of resources, education, art, philosophy, all of this is to the benefit of humanity.

The Manifest Path takes firm positions on the nature of the gods, society, justice, souls and war.