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=The Church of Teros=
=The Church of Teros=
=====The Avatar of Teros=====
====The Marshal====
====The Hunter====
====The Lady of Water====
====The Lady of Light====
===The Army of Teros===
====In Life====
====In Death====
===The Truth===

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The Church of Teros






The Avatar of Teros

The Marshal

The Hunter

The Lady of Water

The Lady of Light

The Army of Teros

In Life

In Death


The Truth


                 o$$$$$$%        %%$$$$$$
                o$$$$$%             $$$$$$
                $$$$$%    TRUTH      $$$$$
                $$$$$                $$$$$
                $$$$$     TEROS      $$$$$
  o             %$$$$$              $$$$$$             o
  %$             $$$$$$o          o$$$$$$             $%
   $$oo           %$$$$$$$oooooo$$$$$$$$           oo$$
   $$$$$ooo         %%$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$%%        ooo$$$$$
   $$$$%%%%                $$$$                %%%%$$$$
  $$%                      $$$$                      %$$
 $%                        $$$$                        %$
o%                         $$$$                         %o
                      $o   $$$$   o$
                      $%   $$$$   %$
                The Truth is not tested in
                 schools, The Truth cannot
                be pass'd from one having
               it to another not having it,
               The Truth is of the soul, is
                 not suspceptible of proof,
                    is its own proof.



  • Like dark Qyrvaggism
  • Pantheon, five gods
    • Names:
      • Teros is only named one
        • The One True God, The All Knowing, The Dark Eye
          • Extremely vague appearence
            • Silhouette is vague enough to be descriable only as humanoid, only distinguising features are the eyes. Other features are lost in the 'shadows'
              • The 'shadows' are an extension of his being?
            • There are occasions when he appears as a sea serpent, in which case he is very well defined, other characteristics remain
              • The sea serpent is coal black with yellow eyes.
              • Teros' Avatar on the mortal plane of existance
              • Often times the serpent appears before and after battle, appearing for either sacrifices or to watch
          • Normally appears in his throne room
            • Room of shadows and darkness
            • Sits upon throne
              • Throne is made of unknown dark material
      • The Marshal
        • The Marshal's role is a as his name describes: He is the Marshal of the armies of Teros, and Teros armies are vast, for while some may serve the Light in Life, all serve him in Death
        • Dynamic
        • Subordinate of Teros
        • See notes on Army of Teros
      • (Teros and The Marshal are called collectively The Masters)
      • The Hunter
        • Symbolistic of Chaos.
        • Neither Light nor Dark
          • Also, followers of the Church have no definition of Good and Evil, rather Light and Dark - they are different. The Church follows The Masters (Dark)
        • Avoids joining either side in their conflict
        • Joker
      • The Ladies
        • The Lady of Light
          • Elder of the two sisters
        • The Lady of Water
          • Younger of the two sisters
  • Army of Teros
    • The Army consists of the willing who have chosen to follow Teros
      • Or their spirits? Undecided as of yet.
    • The Army's numbers increase with all deaths. It is to Teros that all go in death, so it is Teros to serve in life.
    • Ones rank in Teros' Army is dependent on their faith
  • History
    • The Ladies and The Masters have been in a state of war since before the age of men
      • In the beginning the Army of Teros was relatively small, and the ladies began with a numerical advantage
      • As time went on, some died, and it is to the Army of Teros that all souls go
        • As such, the Army of Teros has grown stronger, The Ladies and The Masters are currently equal in strength, but The Army of Teros grows daily.
  • Beliefs
    • Most religions are merely misguided, some variants, having misinterpreted the true nature of the universe.
      • An exception are those who follow The Ladies.
      • It is The Ladies' that Teros war, and followers of them, under any name, are evil in the eyes of Teros.
    • In Death it is to the Army of Teros that all go.
      • Death is not to be feared, but nor should life be thrown away.
    • Teros may be served both in Life and Death.
      • The Ladies may be served only in Life.
    • Discipline
      • Those without discipline will face The Marshal in many forms, be that from failure or death.
    • All should be taught The Truth (see notes on The Truth)
      • Force is a possibility, but should not be the first method
    • Honour
      • Those to whom you make an oath are to never be betrayed.
        • Knight -> Lord. Knight -> Duke. Lord -> Duke. Duke -> Ruler.
      • Betrayal is unforgiveable.
      • An oath may never be broken by a follower of the Church unless the other party does something which dishonours the oath
    • Justice is in the eyes of Teros
  • The Truth
    • Extremely abstract concept
    • Something that can not be simply put into words
      • Yet is known by all true followers of Teros
    • Related to the eventuality of The War
  • Heretics
    • Heretics are those whom Teros sentences to eternal punishment, in both life and death. Heretics are hunted by the Army and sent to the eternal darkness .
    • Priests
<CertifiedInsane> Teros, as in Terror, lol

How very true.


Time crumbles things; everything grows old under the power of Time and is forgotten through the lapse of Time.
All men are equal in the presence of death.
It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.
And thus I clothe my naked villainy
With old odd ends, stol'n forth of holy writ;
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.
I know indeed what evil I intend to do,
but stronger than all my afterthoughts is my fury,
fury that brings upon mortals the greatest evils.
The ladies are always attempting to overthrow Teros and his Marshal, and in the beginning they had the advantage,
but what once was true is now only history. Time crumbles things; everything grows old under the power of Time   
and is forgotten through the lapse of Time. It is Time that increases Teros power. Time, part of the very nature 
of Teros.


The Church of the Great Serpent

  • Worshipers of Teros' Avatar.
The Church of Teros
Island Dwilight
First Temple (Island, Realm)


Temple Numbers N/A
Congregation N/A