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Since the beginning of time, the ladies have been in a state of war with Teros and his armies. This demonstrates the inability for any who dedicate themselves to either the Light or the Dark to effectively live in harmony. Should it be attempted, the ultimate result is destruction of one or both of the sides.

In the beginning of the war, the ladies had a numerical advantage over the followers of the Dark, and forced Teros and his armies deep into the realm of Dark, laying siege to The Dark Fortress, a frightening place where the Dark reigns supreme. The siege went on for many aeons, with Teros merely waiting out The Ladies. For he knew his power grows forever more, for he is Lord of the Dark, Master of the Dead. As the aeons passed, the face of Clatharia slowly changed into something resembling what it is today. And then came the Age of Men. Men, who fight have only a passing existance on the plane of Clatharia, but almost limitless potential, and the Army of Teros quickly grew in power. The siege was broken, and the Ladies retrated to The Tower Fortress. The ever growing armies of Teros laid siege to the fortress, the great machines of war attacking the walls with endless repetition - until the breach.

It was not very long ago, now, that the Army of Teros breached the walls of The Tower Fortress, and the destruction of those walls resounded through Dwilight, even causing the Dark Tidings through which many of us lived and the face of our world changed.

Today the armies are locked in battle, evenly matched in strength, at the border of Light and Dark, the realm of The Hunter. Yet the Army of Teros grows mightier every day. All who die join his Army, all who die go to the Dark, for that is the way of things. Eventually the Fortress of Life will stand no more, and the Light will have no place to hide, for the power of Teros is relentless, it is always growing, it is always never ending, and it is absolute.