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The Old Gods
Masked One Dark Mistress Ice Queen Wolf Lord Ephemeral Emperor
Scintillating Mystery, Unblinking Watcher, Hidden Thunder Pale Wanderer, Gift Giver, Life Taker Frozen Majesty, Lady of Luck, Weaver of Fate, Seer of Time Savage Lord, Beast-master, Tree Shapper, Life Bringer Roof of the World, Travel Trickster, Twinkling Gaze, Secret Catcher
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Inscrutable is the Scintillating Mystery, the deep cloak and mask hiding the brightness within from all but the most determined of seekers. Though never speaking more than a whisper, the voice booms in the ears with the force of thunder, a primal power resonating from deep within. The weight of the ever present gaze sits eternally in judgement, shining strength ready to lash the world and scour the unworthy. The Pale Wanderer came and spoke to the people of the north with a soft tone that soothed troubled heart. She gave gifts and wisdom, arming humanity against the trials they faced. She spoke of the ancestors, of the need for respect, and then she vanished. Still she watches, tending with care each and every person as they approach the time when they will enter her kingdom in the mountains that scrape the heavens. Such is the nature of the north, that the kindest of Gods hails from the aspect of death, the release of the suffering that life holds. The unmoving monarch of the frozen lands, the Ice Queen embodies the inevitable return of winter from the reprieve of summer. She is a grim and cold ruler, untouched by pleas or actions, be they good or ill. Her capricious nature brings rewards seemingly at random, yet always in service to some end that only she can see. From her throne of ice she oversees all that occurs and all that must occur, the weight of fate holding her to the cycles. Speaking in prophecy even the other Gods find her words bring confusion, so only the few enlightened minds can grasp at the truth. The Lord commands, and expects to be obeyed. Though not the God of warmth and light, the life that prospers in the shadow of his tread puts him at odds to the Frozen Majesty. A God such as this, in other lands, would be seen as kind and generous, providing bountiful harvests and tender care. But this is the north, not other soft lands, and the life here is harsh and without room for the weak. Only those who deserve the life he hoards in his deep forest home receive it, and even they are tested without pause. Pleas and prayers are scorned, merit and achievement rewarded. The shining gaze never wavers, spying all that moves and acts under the heavens. Endlessly amused by the living the ephemeral heavens meddle unceasingly in the affairs of mortals. Like a delightful trickster who found a new prank the Roof of the World relishes the prayers of humans, providing aid in exchange for offerings to shift the 'game'. When left to his own devices nothing seems to entertain the God more than tweaking the stars out of their places, delaying travel for weary wanderers.