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==Luna's Biography==  
==Luna's Biography==  

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Lady Luna Tempest
Luna Tempest.jpg

Luna's Biography

Luna, Sol's younger sister also hails from the province of Yipinalke. Luna was born with no discernible elemental gifts therefore her parents were apathetic towards her. She received sword training from the family Master-at-Arms and sparred often with Sol. She would become very proficient with both a short and long blade, besting even her elder sister. Upon turning 15 Luna realized she would gain no prestige remaining under her parents and in Sol's shadow. She took whatever she could carry and deserted her homeland of Beluaterra for The East Continent. Luna can be described as a women with an average build, standing around 5' 6". Luna's hair is as dark as a ravens feathers and her eyes are as bright as a full blue moon.

Luna's current estate is The Grey University of Karbala.

Luna's Diary

Luna arrived on the East Continent and found herself in Shadowdale. Still striving to find her way in the world she made her way to the Grey University of Karbala. Luna always had a love of history and knowledge so the libraries of the Grey Universtiy were a very welcome sight. Despite her young age the Shadow King must have admired her love of the University and granted her the estate considering no lord was currently taking residence there.

Luna's Tempest Rangers

The Tempest Rangers are a small unit of archers under Luna's command. What they lack in numbers they make up for in accuracy and bravery. They accompanied their Lady during the Northern Alliance's Invasion of Perdan. The unit was present for both 17th Bloodbath in Brive and the Valentines Day Siege of Partora. The rangers suffered heavy casualties during the former however endured with no injuries in the latter.

The unit is still without a captain, opting to follow Lady Tempest's orders directly.

Battle Journal

17th Bloodbath in Brive - A truly massive battle between the Northern Alliance of Eponllyn, Shadowdale, Sirion vs. Perdan.

Valentines Day Siege of Partora - A siege of the city by the Northern Alliance of Eponllyn, Shadowdale, Sirion against the defenders of Vix Tiramora.