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You may be looking for an older incarnation of Sandalak, from a previous War Island.

The Friendly Enlightened Musical People of Sandalak
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The Last and the First




South Island



The one with the biggest lute Manfried Von Lunkhofen
The one who is the pointiest

The one who knows most
The one who collects fees

Carac Hawk

Achton Goldhammer
Chronas Arylon

Mastersword.jpgNew BeginingsMastersword.jpg

The volcano laid waste to the Island with huddles of the victors being driven back to the three cities. Over the coming years contact was lost between the three citadels and so each began to reform their governments. In Sandalak they had seen the fiery snake devour the banners and statues of the old realm and the Pythia laid aside her blindfold and realised that there had been no god guiding her hand, and it had been mans struggle alone that had seen them subdue the Island.

Man's struggle was destined to continue, in the badlands men fought nature to merely survive, gambling even their own children to ensure that they stayed ahead of the people. They fought and grew and the city once more began to rise from the ashes and waste, built on the coasts where the once noble warriors could wreck the ships to pay for the labors of the people, She called it Sandalak once more and the lights of the city soon became a beacon to those disenfranchised men and women who had fought for survival to converge and once more consider their place in the land.

As seasons changed and the crops began once more to grow in the fields she learned that the other cities were not dead as she had expected but had devolved, placing pretenders on their thrones, men she had once trusted seeking to remove her crown and call the Island their own.

It could not be allowed to happen. The loyal would stand and teach the pretenders that there was but one land capable of ruling the three Kingdoms again.

There can be no mercy.

There can be no friendship.

There must be only Sandalak.

Mastersword.jpg The Bloodied Empire of Sandalak Hall of Glory Mastersword.jpg

A hall dedicated to the Sandalak who have proven their worth and loyalty.