Sandalak (SEI)

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You may be looking for the Sandalak which won the South-East Island, and the island thus reset



Founded on a core of soldiers, cavaliers and heroes who emerged victorious from the First Great War, New Sandalak will honour their predecessors by once again purging the South-East from any and all opposition. With our former General on the throne, and the Big Bad Man leading the armies, the outcome of the Second Great War is known. New Sandalak will reign supreme. Alexei, Phear and Serindu, you've been warned. Your fate has been sealed.


  • Dictator: Sir Sebastian Flockhart
  • General: Sir Boswick Biggie, Count of Unlib, Marshal of the army of Sandalak
  • Executor: Sponge Beam

Lords and Ladies

  • Hongli, Duke of Sandalak
  • Will, Baron of Adrelhia
  • Killian, Count of Dwamon
  • Hassan, Count of Triewa
  • Sir Boswick, Count of Unlib
  • Lady Sienna, Countess of Ibyp
  • Papewaio, Marquis of Abykal
  • Tancred, Baron of Saenna


The tyranny of Sandalak was the first realm to fall in the present incarnation of the South-East Island. Jealous of Sandalak's resounding victory over the last incarnation of the South-East, the realms of Toren, Ikalak and Taselak schemed from the start to quickly destroy Sandalak; dividing the spoils between them. Although Sandalak fought valiantly the combined pressures of the war were too much too much for her and she succumbed after only a few months fighting.

Not long after Sandalak's fall, the realm was briefly reborn when the new Duke of Sandalak declared independence from Ikalak. However with no help forthcoming from Taselak/Toren as they bitterly fought each other, Ikalak was quick to suppress Sandalak's resurrection.