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No Longer Active

Patron Duchess Marie Euphrasia le Fois
Founder Zanaras Tian
The Poryatown Press was founded and funded by Zanaras Tian, after taking an oath with the Duchess she became patron. Building the first of the Poryatown Press halls in Askileon. It was also here at the Poryatown Press that the Lurian Weekly was published for all its avid readers. The guild has since been defunct and its guild houses razed.

Printing Two Publications Located in Two Realms
In Two Realms With Two Houses
Poryatown Press
Printing the news and books of Dwilight, the Poryatown Press Publishing Guild works primarily out it's founders bags and was originally known for it's flagship production, the Lurian Weekly.

Lurian Weekly Staff . . .
Founder: Zanaras Tian
Editor: None Currently
Journalist: None Currently
Retired: Edith Hashimashidas, Macal Kandurell

Want to support the Poryatown Press? Join our guild in Maeotis, once it's built! All members of the guild pay a small 5 gold join fee to help support production of the paper and maintenance on the guildhouses. Along with this, these funds allow us to publish other literary works and get them more well known. This gold also keeps the paper free to read, because those scribes we have to pay each week aren't cheap.

Of course, we're always looking for other literary works, be they books or newspapers, in which we might publish. All literary works published through the Poryatown Press have the advantage of the various newspapers of the Press publicizing that book both when it's accepted and when it's actually available off the presses.

Major Works Guildhouses Other Works
Ordo Charta

The Poryatown Press is the publisher for the Ordo Charta, the public side of the Argent Order's Echelon of the Pen. Mind you, we back them by publishing them, not by supporting them in any other way. (Though the guild founder may be one of the faith's highest members, he assures us he can keep the two seperate.)
Undisclosed Work
At the moment the Press is also working on one other major work, though we aren't sharing just yet! Check back soon and maybe we'll have released it to the public.

As it stands now the Poryatown Press currently has no guildhouses in all realms, though one is planned to soon be constructed in Maeotis, once the guild founder procures financing. Originally the guild was actually based out of Askileon, strangely enough. Of course the Poryatown Press is not looking to remain a one-realm guild forever, so if you are in another realm and read a publication of the press, stop by one of our guildhouses and join the guild. Maybe we can make arrangements to spread the guild out a bit. Same goes for local Lurian and D'Haran Lords, we'd love to spread the guild out a bit, stop by our location in Maeotis sometime, once it's built that is! Monster Compendium

With new lands come new monsters it seems. We at the Poryatown Press have begun the arduous task of detailing all these strange beasts that seem determined to plague us.
Lurian weekly
The Lurian Weekly was the publishing guild's original creation, centering around the happenings of Pian en Luries, and later Shadovar. It unofficially stopped printing in October 2008, officially in July 2009. The issues are however still available for reading in the Archives!