Path of Asena

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Path of Asena,

Inside this church we worship her holiness Asena, guardian of the faithful.

Thousands, even millions of years ago, before the earth was created there was a complete darkness that ruled all and nothing, no good was present. But then a part resisted this darkness, this evil and so Asena was born. Asena brought back balance in the world, she brought light inside the darkness, she fought off the evil. Asena was born and she took it as her duty to hold off the darkness and for that purpose she created the earth so that life could grow upon it and the light and all good had a place in the all and nothing. But this was not enough, even now Darkness tries to take all once again. Even now there is a struggle going on between light and dark, between good and evil.

Every morning Asena arises and shows her great power and light, but in the evening darkness returns again to try and destroy all that was created here on earth. At this time it is darkness that is at his best, but even then Asena does not give up. Even then Asena manages to guide those who are faithful, those who believe in the true path. Every night if you look well upon in the sky you will see the moon, it is Asena’s signal. It is her guidance even in times were darkness is at his best she manages to guide us. Only a true believer can see the pure light of the moon inside the darkness. Only a true believer can be guided by this light, for Asena is here for balance, only if you truly believe in her and in the light, only then can you see and be guided by it, only then will you be able to join it.

Life does not end when you pass away in this life. For there is a place for all, even when one has passed away. Even now the struggle between darkness and light continues. One who has a rotten soul and who is not a believer will end up becoming part of the darkness, part of the evil and destruction and will live a eternity of hell and sorrow, for he will be pure darkness and nothing more. Though those who believe, those that have seen the true light will eventually find their way, will find the path to the light. Those will join the light and will become part of Asena herself, part of the light that keeps all on earth alive and safe. Part of the light that holds of darkness in this one place in the all or nothing.


The Wolf

The wolf has a special place inside the path. The wolf is created by Asena herself to help us all to follow the true path, Asena's path. It shows us the path at times all looks lost or one does not know what to do and where to go. She also guides the unfaithful to the church, to let them see Asena's greatness. So that they too can one day follow the path, so that their soul is saved for eternity. The wolf is a holy animal it guides us all, sometimes even without the knowledge of those it guides, but it does. Killing a wolf, a guider is seen as the worst deed one can do, for it will kill it's guider and almost certainly kill his own chances of staying on the path. Those who commit this crime will eventually at the end of their lives become part of the eternal darkness, they will stay there eternal in evil a faith worse than you would wish your opponent ever to overcome. The Wolf should be respected as the Wolf respects those who it guides.

The moon shines upon us all, it helps us all. The wolves know this as well. The stronger the moon is the strong Asena can guide her followers in the night, the better the Wolf can guide us all. The wolf shows us that the moon itself comes from Asena and that it is her light inside the darkness, her sign with which she protects us in the night when the darkness is on his strongest. Every time there is something or something about to happen you can often hear the wolves cry towards the moon. With this they call upon more strength so that in this short time that comes they can guide the faithful better, but also to warn those who they guide for the danger too come. It is not always exactly clear what a wolf means or what his actions means, it needs the strongest believer to completely understand that, but always is the wolf here to guide us, to make sure one does not get lost from the path.

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