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Type Ring
Discovered By Unknown
Discovery Date Unknown
Discovery Location Unknown, EastContinent
Abilities Prestige +unknown
Current Owner Rowan MacGregor

The Ornate Band of Caligus has an unknown discovery location and story.

It was first recorded in the possession of
Samuel Orrpham, Knight of Karbala, Shadowdale,
sometime after 2019-Nov-04th

It was intended to be traded to Rowan MacGregor, High King of Caligus
through an intermediary, Sheena, the Commoner, (no known relation to
the Soul Family) but the exchange fell through when Samuel Orrpham
disappeared during the repair process. It then remained in position
of Sheena for some time, who eventually offered it to Rowan MacGregor.

This exchange was accepted, and the Ornate Band of Caligus possessed
the following updated abilities at the time of coming into his possession
on 2020-Feb-3rd

Ornate Band of Caligus

* Prestige: +8
* Skill: +14% Bureaucracy