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The Ordo Concilium (or "Order of the Council" as it would be spoken today) is an ancient religion native to Dwilight that, according to ancient texts, had at one point a large amount of the continent converted under it's sway before a great cataclysm made the island unlivable and shortly thereafter sunk the island. The details pertaining to this event are still very enigmatic as very few texts from the time of the cataclysm still exist on the continent.


Before the Cataclysm that struck Dwilight ages ago, the center of the Ordo Concilium was located in the present-day Desert of Silhouettes. In that time the land was not a desert, nor a fruitless wasteland. No, the Citadel of Ishkantar surrounded a warm water spring that had been harnessed by the architects of the era in such a way that provided water not only to the city, but areas of farmland outside the city so efficiently that only the coldest of winter temperatures could truly affect the crops.

Perhaps it was the successfulness of this city that caused it's belief in the Concilium to spread to far reaches of the continent, or perhaps that the city's workers took it to the cities that requested aid of architects and engineers of Ishkantar.

Regardless of how it was spread, the people of this city believed that their gods actually walked amongst them. In fact several of the more religious families of the time could trace their ancestry back to one of the gods in particular. Regardless of this, few of even the most fervent families who chose to remain were saved from the cataclysm that annihilated the island.


As of this moment there is but one official temples of the Ordo Concilium. This temple would be the "Pantheon Temple" in Port Nebel. There used to be a temple in Raviel, but was closed down by Wordbearer Zanaras to avoid it's destruction at the hands of D'Haran activists.

Temples in Depth, if you click here.


There are two primary beliefs in the Ordo. Honour and Respect. These two things, a self-repeating cycle, are at the core of the Concilium. Though each god tends to have selected their own lesser principles, these two remain throughout.

Though it is commonly believed by the Fidelus (or Faithful) that the gods walk amonst them, it is also believed that the gods choose to seldom interact directly. The only god believed not to follow this belief is Azarus, the head of the Concilium. In the inner circles of the religion however, his name is "Genesis" which is meant to represent his position as the highest of the gods and closest to the sources of life and death (or nature).

While the other gods may observe the mortal realm directly, Azarus will actually interact and is believed to be the only god willing to do their own "dirty work". Perhaps this is why he was chosen to lead the Concilium. Both his actions and his position earn him some dislike from some of the other gods of the Concilium.


As the gods of the Ordo Concilium usually tended to inhabit various regions of the land and store all materials relating to their ways in the lands they watched over, the exact number of deities that resided on the Concilium isn't yet known. Typically two, or more, gods would watch over an area; thusly allowing the populace more choices of worship. Though it was not unknown to worship a god outside of his domain, and this wasn't an uncommon practice. Needless to say, the Wordbearers of the Ordo have compiled some data on the gods they does know exist. Thought Genesis and Armageddon are considered two seperate entities, they can also be considered two sides of a singular entity ("Nature" is a good example of this).

Known Gods

For a more detailed, yet still brief overview, click here.

Carriers of the Faith


Though other religions may call those who spread their faith, "Priests", the Ordo Concilium has a special name for those who spread it's faith, "Wordbearers". Though the purpose of the two is relatively the same, Wordbearers are a bit more prestigious in the Ordo. Unlike other faiths where an individual themself may have dreams of their god speaking to them, Wordbearers are gifted with the ability to talk directly to the god they represent through their mind. Because of this it is not uncommon for Wordbearers to be nearby those who hold high government positions, if only to offer advice on what the god's suggest. However, the sanity of the Wordbearers are typically in question by those who do not believe because of this "ability" they possess. Click here for more on the Word Bearers...

  • Wordbearer Zanaras of Azarus - More...
  • Wordbearer Telamond of [name pending] - More...
  • Wordbearer Edith of Solani - More...

Ordo Causidici

In addition to the other Wordbearers, there is a smaller rank in the Ordo Concilium that represent the Councilium as a whole, the Ordo Causidici (Or the Order of the Advocates). Causidici are Wordbearers that represent Genesis and Armageddon, and because of this there may not always be two. Because a Causidicus represents these two things, they also represent the Ordo Concilium by default. Ironically, the rank of Causidicus is typically granted by the gods after one's death. It is believed that the Ordo Causidici plays a large part in assisting the Gods with selecting new Wordbearers. Click here for more on the Causidici...

Inquiro Exsequiae

The Inquiro Exsequiae (or "Search for Relics") is not a rank recognized by the gods, nor is it an actual level within the Ordo Concilium. Instead the Inquiro Exsequiae is a part of the Ordo that is made up from members of all ranks that meet the criteria. The criteria being that they have discovered some artifact or ruins that relate to the Ordo in a meaningful way.


The Ranks of Patricii (or noblemen) have always made up a large part of the Ordo Concilium's numbers. It is through the noblemen that the religion can remain strong, and remain a force to be reckoned with. Without the Patricii the religion would fall apart and cease to be a power in these hard days. Click here for more on the Ranks of Patricii...

Political Stances

Only fools fail to realize that politics and religions play off each other like politics and religion play off themselves. Everyone and everything has a stance of some sort on everyone and everything they know. The Ordo Concilium is no exception.


There are a few factions that have won the friendship of the Ordo, or atleast our good wishes.

  • The first is Shadovar for permitting our religion to be created within it's lands. We support any action that removes the illegitimate rebel government of Katayanna and her followers from their lands.
  • The second is Pian en Luries for permitting Wordbearer Zanaras to return there with his religion after leaving on less than honourable conditions, as well as taking a stance against the Shadovarian Rebels that is favorable to the Ordo.
  • Thirdly is the religion of Sanguis Astroism. We may not agree much with their faith, but this is more due to lack of understanding it than actually disliking it. A rift we may hopefully repair in the future. They have however been branded as Heretics by the Rebels of Shadovar, a thing that in the eyes of the Ordo makes them a friend for now.


There are always those who stand against things. The Ordo is no exception. It is suggested that the faithful either tread lightly near or seek to undermine those listed below, for their actions against the Ordo can not go without retribution. It is generally very unlikely one would be able to get off this list without considerable, determined effort.

  • Rebels and backstabbers from the start, Katayanna Ogren and the Rebel Government of Shadovar (OoC: Most of D'Hara in other words). Their crimes include: Persecution of the Faithful, Threats against the Ordo, Declaring the Ordo Concilium to be Heresy, Occupying land claimed by Shadovar, Spreading Heresy, Harboring Infidels, and Not Acting in a Way that Commands either Honour nor Respect.
    • There is no hope of Salvation for these heretics.
  • Followers of The Way of the Dragons. While our religions may not conflict, and their religion may still be pagan, they have already commited crimes against the Ordo to include: Harboring Heretics and Infidels, Spreading Heresy, and Supporting the Illegitimate Government of D'Hara.
    • If they wish to make up for what they have done they must see to the removal of ALL those funding or controlling the Rebel Government of Shadovar from their faith.