Order of Mordok

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The Order of Mordok (for the game Battlemaster)

The Method of Sacrifice

Truthfully there is no secret method. All corpses are feasted upon by The Old One Mordok and he does not care if the death came from needless cruelty or not. So the best way for a quick sacrifice is to place the sacrifice at the Church feeding pits with the rotting corpses, apply a dagger to the throat and cut it, then leaving the body with the others.

The Old One Mordok Mordok is an entity of immense size and power who has created us as entertainment and livestock. Parts of his true body are visible as the Stars, Sun, Moon and other nearby bodies. These are his glowing eyes, the Moon and Sun being his most powerful ones.The Sun eye being the one that grants life but has to be focused on us to keep it maintained. It's side uses by The Old One include binding souls to the undead in order for them to feed him, creating predatory creatures to improve the death count and to make pretty flowers for amusement. It is also the source of healing and resurrection magic.

The Moon eye which is the most magical is the eye Mordok uses to manipulate the weather and influence intelligent or undead life to kill although this power is limited in it's effectiveness
The Moon eye can also create magic beings and subtlety influence them as well. 

Daimons being but one example with their leaders being influenced to invade us. T he Moon eye is the source of most magic and it's events in the world and so it's power and the Sun eye can be freely used in the form of scrolls for any purpose.

Watch these words closely. For only those who are willing to save this land at any cost can join the full ranks.

Long ago, there was a great starvation in the cosmos, only one remained out of many. This being is known as the Old One Mordok, in his quest to stave off starvation he created life and humanity.
Closely watching over the land, he could not establish a full presence there in fear of destroying his food source with his unimaginable size. So he had to be subtle. Becoming the writhing maggots, flies and other unseen things devouring dead corpses slowly in order to feed himself.
But overtime Humanity started to adapt and survive for longer, the voracious Mordok started starving again so he was forced to employ solutions that only sated his hunger for a while.
Natural Disasters, Disease, Monsters and Undead. All of these things were but a temporarily solution. As Humanity started fighting back these threats so did Mordok's desperation grew. Eventually he spawned the hellish Daimons to plauge and kill as many humans as they could in anyway possible in the form of invasions.
These were quite successful in terms of the death count and so Mordok was fed once again, starting a cycle of invasions whenever his hunger got too deep to bear.

This comes to the main doctrine of the Order. Peasants must be ritualistically sacrificed and left buried or on the ground in order to stave off the impending invasions and to improve the quality of human life as a whole. The alternative is the destruction of civilisation as we know it. For the Daimons will eventually spread to the other lands.
Who knows how many peasants must die in order to achieve this, but we must keep sacrificing. For while Humanity isn't the only thing he devours. Humans happen to be the most fulfilling, numerous and tasty for his hunger so it is the only way to stave off the death of humanity as a whole.

One must praise and fear the Old One, for if this word is ignored..... the invasions will kill us all.