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(Added events from timelines: DWI, FEI, EC)
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*2006: [[East Continent]] - In [[Oligarch (Realm)|Oligarch]] Sakima led a successful rebellion, transforming the realm into a Republic.
*2008: [[East Continent]] - Abdiel beaomes [[Tuchanon V]]'s new Dictator.
*2006: [[Far East]] - Eirik II was forced to step down from Rulership of [[Grand Lodge of Lunaria]] due to massive protest of his claims to divine rights to rule.
*2009: [[Far East]] - In [[Mosesadelphia]] Stephanie changed the allegiance of [[Azros]] to [[Cathay]] and [[Kartak Family|Volvus Kartak]] was elected as Capo. Volvus would step down two days later.
*2007: East Continent - [[Perdan (Realm)|Perdan]] declared war on [[Kalmar Islands]].

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