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South Forest


Odona lies at the northmost extremity of the Great Forest of Marwood in southwestern Dwilight. The north and northwest of Odona is bounded by the Great Root River. This river originates in the Dragon’s Roost mountains in the west and runs eastward where it empties into the southern part of the Great Bay. To the east lie the fertile regions of Paisland, Chesland, and Larur which feed the nearby cities of Chesney and Paisly. The seat of the Lord of Odona is a large villa, temple, and farm complex set on the hill of Ard-Odona overlooking the Root River, roughly central to the region. A settlement has grown up around the hill.“The Hill”, as it is known locally, is said to be a holy site, and the Lord of Odona gains much status among the peasantry by living on it.

The climate is characterised by warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The great river floods annually in spring. The banks of the river have created a wide fertile floodplain where many folk make their living by farming, fishing and transporting barges loaded with timber and produce down river to Gretchew and Chesland. Many olive trees grow on the floodplain and the land produces a rich yield of fruit and vegetables. Further inland the land rises steeply and the floodplain gives way to extensive forests of pine, fir, oak and cedar that are the true wealth of Odona. The farms and villages of Odona are set on these slopes to save them from the floods. As one travels inland, the forested uplands gradually slope downward to the south and southeast.


A common pastime for the peasants is to search for "ancient traces". Folklore tells of a great kingdom which once ruled here and there is some evidence to back this claim. There are traces of an ancient highway running Northeast coming out of Thysan before crossing the entire region and ending at the hilltop of Ard-Odona overlooking the river. This hilltop was certainly of great significance to the ancient Odonans for it is surrounded by many spirals of standing stones that are venerated as shrines by the peasantry to this day.

Most of the artifacts found and examined by Scribes or Alchemists have been finely worked stone tools. There is also much pottery, both elegant and crude, with a few examples of bronze, silver, and gold objects. The spiral was evidently very important to the early inhabitants because that pattern is a recurring theme in their work. No evidence remains of their dwellings, but there are hummocks along the forested ridges which are rumoured to be their tombs.


For long ages Odona has been a wild place. Monsters and great beasts were common and their ravages kept any sort of civilization from arising. Humans were restricted to a few folk scratching a furtive existence.

In July of 1009 all that ended as a Terran army arrived to claim the region in the name of the Republic. The few humans living in the region were quickly won over by the promises of security and justice. Workmen and settlers followed, building the first settlement at Ard Odona, and then gradually spreading out along the floodplain. Despite frequent monster incursions and setbacks, the work continued, and a steady stream of settlers continued to arrive, dreaming of a better future.

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