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OOC stands for Out Of Character. It's an abbreviation for a short-hand term. One huzza for indirections. :-)

OOC is, if you need a short definition, that which could not be explained within the game world. If you imagine all your characters, the realms and regions were real, then OOC is that which would not make sense.

Pausing, for example, or inactivity is OOC - it is caused by an event outside the game world. The turn times are also OOC. We kinda cover that up by calling them sunrise and sunset and all, but the fact that taxes are collected and elections are held at specific times is totally OOC, because it is caused by game mechanics. When two players talk about their hobbies, that is OOC as well (though two characters could talk about their imagined hobbies, and that would be IC or In Character).

As you can easily see now, most of the Inalienable Rights are derived directly from the fact that they deal with OOC matters. Logging in just before or after the turn, for example, is two OOC issues combined - the artificiality of the turn times and the fact that as a player you only "visit" the world your characters live in all their lives for a few minutes or hours a day.

BattleMaster tries to minimize the effects of OOC on your in-game success or failure. Pausing, for example, was coded to allow you to go on holidays or otherwise attend to lengthier OOC activities without causing your character to suffer as a consequence.