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This is the BattleMaster Community, made not only for, but also largely by players. It is a WikiWiki system, using MediaWiki, the same software that powers Wikipedia.

Official Manual

All pages in this section have been written by contributors and are occasionally reviewed for accuracy. The manual is intentionally incomplete in some details and does not reveal everything, simply because it makes for a more interesting game to discover some stuff on your own.

BattleMaster Basics 
For the impatient, what you really should know to play the game.
The full manual, with all the details we are willing to share.
The Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers).
OOC Instructions 
A list of instructions to do various OOC things such as subscribe to news list, access IRC, or use bugtracker.
An in-character introduction to BattleMaster.
Rules and Policies 
Rules and policies across BattleMaster.
The Titans 
Social Contract enforcers.
Guidelines and other information about the roleplaying aspect of BattleMaster.


Some spin-offs and expansions have been created or will be created. Here you can find:

  • Trademaster - Merchandise such as T-Shirts or coffee mugs that we created for the games 5th anniversary... Many years ago
  • The Dream - 3D standalone interactive fiction game, a mini-supplement tied into the 4th Invasion of Beluaterra
  • War Islands - a pure strategy game set in the BattleMaster universe, read about it here or hop over directly to
  • Beyond - coming in 2011, the successor to The Dream
  • Future Expansions - Tom is planning to write more supplements. Here you can read about it, and also help as there are some things that are needed for those projects.

Other Battlemaster Sites

Community Portal

The purpose of the Community Portal is to allow convenient access to the various sections of the BattleMaster wiki to assist users in creating new pages, editing older pages, and finding the desired information. On this page, you will find summarized links to the other various aspects of the community (FAQs, community resources, feature requests, who the community manager is etc.).


Feature Requests Tom has approved, but which have not yet been added to the game.


Feature requests that have already been added to the game. After a decent amount of time, the old ones will be deleted from the list. You should be able to find an archive of everything at The TattleMaster. These might be be in testing or the code not updated to the game yet, but once here it should be in the code.

Development and Contests

We are currently refactoring the code to update and massively improve BattleMaster. Early details and an overview can be found on the War 2.0 page.

Part of our continued effort is that we run occasional Contests and Community Efforts where you can contribute to BattleMaster and have your work be used daily by over a thousand players.


We have about 10,682 articles at this time. Our 13,750 registered users have made a total of 198,262 page edits in their time.