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This section of the BM Wiki is dedicated to the open alpha test of Might & Fealty.

Please make sure of three things if you create any pages:

  • Make sure you add {{Might & Fealty}} (including the double curly brackets) to the top of the page. This takes care of the header and the proper category.
  • Link it from this page or a subpage. Do not create orphan pages, not even when you're still working on them. It's an alpha test, even your draft pages are important as feedback.
  • Try to avoid name conflicts with the BM pages. In case of doubt, simply add a MF prefix.

Important Notice

Please keep in mind that this is a test of an alpha prototype. It is nowhere near finished, totally unpolished and not representative of the final product. You need to be able to see this on two different layers at the same time. On the one hand, feedback regarding the interface, presentation, look&feel, etc. is very much appreciated and will help me to make the final game better. On the other hand, do look beyond the surface into the game concepts and mechanics, unfinished as they are. Try to get in touch with the spirit of the game, beyond all the scaffolding and fresh paint.

This goes especially for the presentation. Keep in mind that I am not a graphics artist and will need the Kickstarter funding to get one. That means the final game will include more and better graphics, while the alpha is very much bare-bones and text-based.


Maybe not all of them, but the main pages that lead to further pages. In case of doubt, add your pages to this list: