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Bulletin of the High Paladin

Iash e Criad, brethren of Iashalur. Those of you who are native to this part of Dwilight may remember the old warrior saying; it translates from Darfese as "Valor in Blood", and is the very foundation of both our kingdom and our military philosophy. It means that we are willing to bleed and die to defend our homeland; in suffering in her defense is our valour proved.

Military Chain of Command

The military authority structure of Iashalur is as follows; orders given by any person on this list supercede those given by a person of any rank beneath theirs on this list.

1) The King of Iashalur

2) The High Paladin

3) The Marshal of your Army

4) The Vice-Marshal of your Army

5) Your Liege-Lord

Recruiting Advice

It is your inalienable right as a noble to choose what unit you command. If you are ordered to recruit a certain type of unit, and especially if you are punished for disobeying that order, please report it to the Magistrates. ((OOC: Likewise, it is your inalienable right as a player to play at your own pace; if you are punished for dereliction of duty while you are out of town or otherwise had not logged in, and that punishment is not reversed when the Judge is made aware, please report it to the Magistrates))

When fighting small, disorganized rogue forces such as monsters, undead and peasant militias, ability to stay in the field and retain fighting ability are pivotal. Therefore, if your army is tasked with the defense of the realm, archers are the best strategic choice for such a situation. It is good to have some infantry as well, to shield the archers if the enemy approaches, but if you choose to command infantry (or especially cavalry), please be aware that you will need to return to the capital to recruit more often than your archer-leading counterparts. Mixed Infantry are also valuable for realm defense, as they are more durable than archers despite inflicting less damage.

Likewise, when fighting against the larger, disciplined force of an enemy realm in the open field, ability to remain in melee and inflict damage in melee is more important. Therefore, if your army is tasked with war against a foreign foe, infantry and cavalry are the best strategic choices for your unit. It is good to have some archers as well, to fire on enemy archers while the melee is ongoing, but they are generally of lesser strategic importance for this type of engagement. Mixed infantry retain their use here, as they can launch a volley before engaging in melee with the infantry.

When laying siege to enemy fortifications, ability to scale the walls as well as to fire up at enemy troops along the walls is the most important. Likewise, in a defensive siege it is important to be able to hold the walls against the enemy while firing down upon them from the ramparts. Therefore, if your army is tasked with the capture or defense of a stronghold, city or townsland, infantry, archers and mixed infantry are the best strategic choices for your unit, and it is absolutely crucial for the infantry to carry siege equipment if you are attacking an enemy fortification. Cavalry are useful once the walls are breached, but can do naught but canter about outside the walls until a breach is made to charge in; they are also useful in defense once the enemy has breached or scaled the walls.

Unit Disposition

All forces in defense of the realm against rogue monsters and undead are instructed to deploy in the following fashion:

Archers -- Middle, Defensive, Line

Mixed Infantry -- Front, Defensive, Box

Infantry -- Back, Normal, Box

Cavalry -- Rearguard, Normal, Wedge


At least 1 healer, 1 banner and 3 scouts should be brought with each unit. It is also beneficial to have an additional healer (if you expect to sustain casualties) and banner (if you expect to engage in melee) for each 20 men that you lead. You will be instructed to purchase siege engines if you will be assaulting an enemy fortification; otherwise their only function is to slow your unit down and so should be avoided.

Armies of Iashalur

Blade of the Exiles

Based in Gaston, the Blades were formed by then-Duke Turin on the capture of Gaston by Astrum; it has remained with Iashalur as her primary fighting force through the reclamation of Darfix and up until now. It has been tasked with fighting Iashalur's foreign wars.

  • Marshal: Turin Erickson
  • Vice-Marshal: Lazarus O'Haegan

Royal Legion

Founded upon the reclamation of Darfix, its base was relocated to Gaston after the city's fall to starvation in the subsequent winter. It has been tasked with the defense of the realm from rogue forces.

  • Marshal: Eoghan O'Faolain
  • Vice-Marshal: Tratumal Augulus