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Iashalur was founded on November 7, 2011. Duke Turin seceded the Duchy of Gaston from Astrum. The new theocracy of Sanguis Astroism will expand to the north and west, and recapture the great city of Darfix from the wild lands.


To understand the history of Iashalur it is imperative to know of the great but short lived empire of Niselur. The realm of Niselur fell to vast hordes of monsters and undead. Its nobles fled to the safety of their neighbor and Ally Astrum. Begrieved that Niselur had fallen and that they'd been unable to send military support, Astrum vowed to uphold the land claims of the exiled nobles and help them to reconquer the lands of Iashalur.

The reclaimation began with the conquest of Gaston and Gaston Farms. From these regions a new duchy was built, and in time the region flourished and at last was ready to become an independent realm once again.

From there the Realm pushed aggressively Westward. New regions were taken each year until at last King In Exile Turin ordered a push for Darfix. In no time Darfix and Under Darfix bowed to the power of Iashalur. A new duchy was formed, the duchy of Niselur, and the Iashalurian head of state would hence forth be called King, no longer bearing the suffix "In Exile".

With the ancestral home of Niselur retaken the realm would then set its sights on the mysterious "Misty Forrest" to the Northeast of Darfix.


Blades of the Exiles

Iashalur's original fighting force, the Blades were founded when Gaston Duchy was still a colony of Astrum. The army's banner is a green field with silver bars, the green representing the green fields of gaston and the silver the famed silver temple of Darfix. The primary purpose of the army at this time was to serve as a takeover force and launch raids on rogue regions bordering Iashalur, however it often served as a defensive force when need be.

Although many in the past had suggested disbanding the army, King Turin insisted it remain active so it could one day be renamed "The Blades of the Conquerers" when all of the former Niselurian territory is reclaimed.

Now the Blades are Iashalur's primary fighting force, dedicated to culling any monster or undead hordes should they crop up.

The Royal Legion

Once Iashalur's largest army and primary fighting force. The Royal Legion was commanded directly by the High Paladin. At present the army has only one unit due to many knights and lords choosing to join the Ishalurian Crusaders.

The Ishalurian Crusaders

The Crusaders were formed in response to the anti-astroist regime of Aurvandil. This force has sailed south on two separate occasions in order to pillage the lands of Aurvandil and aid the realm of Terran in their struggle agains this most hated foe. Plans are under way for a third and final campaign.


Laws of Governance

The head of state shall be the King in the case of a man or Queen in the case of a woman.

The King/Queen's powers are as follows:

-To Conduct foreign policy as well as all diplomacy, including declarations of war or peace.

-To approve law codes of the Treasurer of the Realm and High Paladin

-To make other executive commands and edicts as he or she sees fit.

The judiciary branch shall be the High Inquisitor. This judge will be appointed by the holy church of Sanguis astroism in keeping with our theocratic governance.

The Powers of the High Inquisitor are as follows:

-To prosecute enemies of the realm in a court of law as well as all nobles who commit violations of this constitution.

-To establish a law code provided this code has no tenants in contradiction with the realm's constitution.

There shall be two tenants to ensure the voice of all nobility reaches the highest levels of government

First, the Treasurer of the realm and High Paladin of the Realm shall be elected each year by a simple majority. Each noble's vote will count equally regardless of their standing.

Second, no alterations or additions may be made to this code of law without a referendum and a two thirds majority vote of all the people of the realm.

The powers of the High Paladin are as follows:

-To order the armies of the realm in all military matters which are in keeping with the King in Exile's foreign policy.

-To create a military code of conduct which must be approved by the King in Exile. Said code must be in keeping with this constitution.

The Powers of the Treasurer of the Realm are as follows:

-To order the movement of food for the sake of preventing starvation and hunger.

-To regulate all commerce to prevent outbreaks of starvation.

-Abuse of either power for personal gain is strictly prohibited.

Common Law

First, as the integrity of the realm is paramount, that sedition and treason be punishable by a sentence of death. This includes open rebellion as well as conspiring against the realm and direct sabotage.

Second, as food is our prizest resource, that trading on the black market be prohibited with a fine of 50 gold as a penalty for first offense; escalating to banishment by the third offense.

Third, as matters of honor are integral to nobility, the challenge and acceptance of duels will be restricted only in wartime, and then permission must be granted by the military authority of a Marshal or higher.

Fourth, as matter of respect, that conduct unbecoming of a nobleman (including but not limited to disrespect of a superior or particularly egregious behavior) be punishable by a fine of 25 gold for the first offense, escalating by 25 gold per offense to a maximum of 100 gold.

Law Concerning the Military

First, as the command structure is integral to the army and the army integral to the realm, that the impersonation of a superior officer or forgery of an order be punishable as sedition.

Second, as discipline is the backbone of warfare, that dereliction of duty be punishable by a fine of 50 gold.

Third, that the looting of any lands be prohibited without either the direct order of the General or the direct order of a Marshal or Vice-Marshal who has received permission from the General, punishable by a fine of 100 gold for the first offense, escalating to banishment upon the third.

Law Concerning Religion

First, as a Theocracy of Sanguis Astroism, the establishment of any other religion is strictly prohibited, punishable by banishment from the realm.

Second, that the preaching of any religion other than Sanguis Astroism be outlawed unless established otherwise by treaty.

Third, as a Theocracy's highest feudal offices ought be reserved for the Faithful, heathens and heretics are prohibited from holding the office of High Inquisitor and may hold lordship over neither cities nor townslands.

Laws Concerning Adventurers

Harming a Citizen from the Citizens' Guild without showing due cause is punishable by a fine of 25 gold paid to the realm to make restitution for damaging one of its assets. This law applies only guild registered Citizens as their service is monitored by the crown.

This does not suggest that commoners have "rights" such as are afforded the nobility, merely that those serving the crown are an asset to the realm. Restitution paid to the realm may not be transferred to the harmed Citizen by any means.

Continent / Island Dwilight
Capital Gaston
Largest City Darfix
Government System
Region Numbers 18
Population population:: 255,300