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[[/The Turkoman Horse and The Grizzly Bear/]]
[[/The Turkoman Horse and The Grizzly Bear/]]
[[/Mentor & Pupil/]]

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Ferdinand Greybrook is the Grand Templar of Obia'Syela, Marshal of the Lightbringers] and the Steward of Grehk. Coming to the shores of Avengmil in the search for religion, Ferdinand found his belief in the Heralds of Obeah. Settling into Prophet's Landing in Rines, Ferdinand work diligently within the military arm of the Theocracy to earn his place as Marshal of it's core army under the mentorship of the Vahanian Blint. Ferdinand led the completion of the Enlightenment, the religious expansion of the Obia'Syela into the southern peninsula and beyond where the cities of Grehk, Irombro and Jidington were taken. With the completion of this task, Ferdinand now faces perhaps his toughest tasks yet, the unity of the Theocracy, the worship of Obeah and the threats that threaten this new expansion.

Status: Alive
Continent: Beluaterra
Realm: Obia'Syela
Class: Warrior/Hero
Age: 30
Honour: 117
Prestige: 38
Title: Grand Templar of Obia'Syela
Steward of Grehk
Marshal of the Lightbringers
Height: 6'0"
Eyes: Grey
Weapon: Shortsword & Shield/ Longbow
Unit: The Templar Zealots
The Silver Arrow
Army: The Lightbringers
Religion: Heralds of Obeah
Guilds: The Templar Order
The Inquisition
Unique Items:
Forgotten Shield of Lies
Realms Served: ¤
Lordships Held: ¤
  • Knight of Rines
  • Steward of Grehk
Armies Served: ¤
  • Knight of the Enlightenment
  • Vice-Marshal of the Heraldic Foreign Legion
  • Marshal of the Lightbringers

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