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The Everguard-Springdale Treaty is a formal proposal for a writ of alliance between the realms of Everguard and Springdale. It was issued on March 17, 2008 by Fisc Arylon, the High King of Everguard to Neel Arya, the King of Springdale, and proposed a formal relationship between the two realms for the common defense and welfare of each realm. The proposal has been shelved, and is not currently in effect.

Text of the Treaty

The realms of Everguard and Springdale do hereby agree to formal terms of alliance, joining our two realms together in friendship across time. From this point forward, we shall work together in a great many efforts, and do so in peace and cooperation.


The realms of Everguard and Springdale are to remain peaceful to one another until such point this treaty is dissolved. Any disputes between realms should be handled in a civilized and respectful way - such as duels for honor, reparations in gold, trade deals, and other such arrangements.

Approval of Territorial expanse and Colony Establishment

The realms of Everguard and Springdale are to respect the territorial claims of each other. Thus any land east of the city of Valkyrja not yet controlled by Springdale shall remain unclaimed by Everguard itself, or any colonies originating from within said realm, unless permission is given by the ruler of Springdale. Additionally no colonies from Springdale will be allowed to settle on any land stretching from the city of Gaston to the city of Gelene (including the adjacent regions to the cities themselves) unless express permission is granted by the ruler of Everguard, but colonies may be permitted to settle on any unclaimed land outside that territory.

Furthermore, full disclosure of any colony formed by either realm must be given to the ruler of the other realm prior to the exodus of that colony delegation from the borders of the realm, including its intended destination and timeline for settlement. Any deviation from the the declaration of intent, or of anything within the outlines spelled out in this section will result in the colony being aborted, or destroyed.

Common Defense

The realms of Everguard and Springdale do hereby agree to come to the defense of the other if the sovereign territory of that realm is violated by a third party. Such assistance shall be immediately delivered upon formal request by the ruler of the attacked realm, once acknowledged by the other ruler. Military assistance shall be coordinated under the command of the realm being invaded, and the strength of said aid will be a reasonable force of arms that will not cripple the defense of the assisting realm.

Such military aid will be given, regardless of the relationship the assisting realm may have with the invading force.

For offensive campaigns not defensive in nature, no requirement for aid is binding. In such offensive wars, if one realm asks the other for aid, the realm being asked shall give every consideration to assisting the realm requesting aid. If aid is denied however, it will have no impact on this alliance.

Preferential Trade

The realms of Everguard and Springdale shall give priority to one another in matters of trade. If either realm requests the purchase of food from the other, the request shall be granted so long as it will not put undue stress upon the realm providing resources. In such cases, the price of food (in gold pieces) shall be the same or less than the current market price.

Foreign Affairs

The realms of Everguard and Springdale do hereby agree to consult with each other if one realm wishes to lower diplomatic relations to a state of war or hatred with a third party realm. This consultation will consist of a statement by the realm lowering relations, informing the other realm of what is being done, and why. This statement will remain completely confidential between the two rulers, and any failure to keep such a statement confidential will result in the dissolving of this treaty. The consultation between realms will occur in order to give advanced warning to the realm not lowering relations, so that they may plan for the impact it may have on their realm, and prepare to send aid if it is appropriate.

Fisc Arylon
High King of Everguard