Dwilight/Diplomacy/The Shokalom Accord

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The Shokalom Accord

In order to appropriate the circumstances under which a peace treaty is both acceptable, and mutually beneficial between both parties, the following Cease-Fire is in effect:

  • Terran and Caerwyn shall agree to a ceasefire immediately for a period up to and including 2 months. Upon which time, pre-supposing continued good relations, they will then be raised again to peace for a further month.

  • During that time, Terran retains all of its current lands; and its claims to Overoot, Underoot, Shoka, Shokalom, Mistight, Dragon's Roost, Dragon's Song.

  • However Terran cannot make any expansion into Shoka, Shokalom or Mistight, as a sign of good faith to Caerwyn in the north, until the 3 month period has elapsed.

  • Upon which time, the restrictions laid down upon the afforementioned regions are relaxed and Terran is given license to move into these lands to fulfill their claim.

These terms, devised and agreed to in good faith between both parties, remain binding for the specified time period.


Sir Lucian Aperion, Archon of Caerwyn

Lady Teniel Dell, Chief Magistrate of Terran