Dwilight/Diplomacy/Stratford Treaty of December 22nd

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After a season of warfare, the Libero Empire finally decided to withdraw from the war, making a separate peace with Xinhai. This treaty restored relations between Xinhai and the Libero Empire to pre-war conditions and left Xinhai free to focus its energies on the remaining two warring parties: The Ravian Empire and Aquilegia.

This following treaty shall be accepted by the Libero Empire:

  1. Hostilities will end between the Libero Empire and Xinhai
  2. Relations between the warring parties will be raised to peace or higher
  3. War will not be declared between the two parties for a minimum of 3 years
  4. The Libero Empire will recognize Xinhaiese claims on the Muspel Territories


Alanya Costella Queen of Libero Empire

Anabellium West Archon of Xinhai, Duchess of Donghaiwei