Dwilight/Diplomacy/Stratford Treaty of December 22nd

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After a season of warfare, the Libero Empire finally decided to withdraw from the war, making a separate peace with Xinhai. This treaty restored relations between Xinhai and the Libero Empire to pre-war conditions and left Xinhai free to focus its energies on the remaining two warring parties: The Ravian Empire and Aquilegia.

This following treaty shall be accepted by the Libero Empire:

  • 1. Hostilities will end between the Libero Empire and Xinhai
  • 2. Relations between the warring parties will be raised to peace or higher
  • 3. War will not be declared between the two parties for a minimum of 3 years (And hopefully not after that either...)
  • 4. The Libero Empire will recognize Xinhaiese claims on the Muspel Territories


Alanya Costella Queen of Libero Empire

Anabellium West Archon of Xinhai, Duchess of Donghaiwei