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<center>{{Template: Religions of Dwilight}}</center>
<center>{{Template: Religions of Dwilight}}</center>
Current Wars
*[[Gold Sea Conflict]]
==Major Cultural and Geographical Features==
==Major Cultural and Geographical Features==

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Dwilight. more maps...

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OOC Note: This island is a testing island (as is Beluaterra), so expect to see bugs as new features are tested and improved.

Dwilight (a.k.a. West Continent) is the first complete BattleMaster world map created by the player community. It is also the first (and currently only) Serious Medieval Atmosphere game world.


A short summary of important events in Dwilight's history that significantly affected a major realm or the continent. Neutrality is generally strove for. In time, older summaries are archived, and only the more current accounts are kept on this page.

Post-Invasion period

The western subcontinent was over-run by monsters in year 26 destroying the realms that had been there. This catastrophe has many names. Some call it the blighting, others the great cataclysm. It is a matter of great debate as to why this catastrophe occurred. Some say it was the act of a group of noble witches and sorcerers. Others insist it was the sins of man. Bellow are writings of those who lived through the devastation along with their accounts of what they believe were the cause.

The Betrayal of the Bloodstars and the Great Blighting

by Turin Erickson, Last true King of Iashalur, Light of The Austere Star

Southern League and allies versus Luria Nova

The Southern League joined more recently by Morek and Astrum has fought with Luria Nova. Luria Nova has destroyed Barca, taking over the capital Barca established in the townsland of Aveston. Additional details can be found here: Southern League War

Morek Empire fractures In Dwilight year 31, Grandmistress Eviera Lanze of Morek stepped down and withdrew from her leadership position in Sanguis Astroism. Soon after, her duchy of Foxwind seceded from Morek Empire and formed a new realm called Helyg Derwyddon. In the summer to follow, two more duchies broke off to form Arnor and Antiqualia. A third duchy, the First Temple (Caiyun) joined Astrum.

Older Histories...

see also: Timeline of Dwilight


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Current Wars

Major Cultural and Geographical Features

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Formal Cultures of Dwilight

Formal Geography of Dwilight


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