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An infantry company commanded by Moira Dubhaine with the aid of her second-in-command Carl Heinman. Originally the bodyguard that accompanied her from Atamara they are composed exclusively of Cagilian ex-patriots living in Fontan on East Continent, selected for their martial prowess and unwavering character. Their livery of quilted red silk tunics woven in gold filigree with the Cagilian coat of arms is highly distinctive this far from home.

Their plate armour and lion-faced helms are forged from the finest carbonised steel, folded many dozens of times for strength and flexibility and then worked by masters to matt black perfection, each piece chased with scarlet enamelling. Because of the quality of their armour the Imperial Cagilan Guard eschew shields in favour of long-hafted battle axes and they are trained to use these both offensively and defensively, their combat style a ballet of axeplay and destruction as they cut through lesser troops with grim determination.

Members of the Company

Carl Heinman Heinman is not only a skilled officer, he's also Moira's closest friend. The bodyguard selected by her father when she announced that she'd be travelling to the war-torn East Continent, Carl is the one person who can always still her fiery temper.
Aoidh A member of the bodyguard that accompanied Moira to Fontan.
Uthwyr A member of the bodyguard that accompanied Moira to Fontan.
Yfain A giant of a man with an oft-times murky past, Yfain is a reaver's reaver: happiest when the ale flows freely and there's mischief to be done. He and his four freebooters joined the company on January 2nd having previously been employed as guards by a smuggler in Isadril.
Rollo (Rollo the Young) Yfain's youngest companion, boasting a deep scar across his forehead from their last adventure.


The Battle of Oberndorf, January 14th 2008

Defending against the armies of Sirion and Old Rancagua. Seven men died during the battle and seven wounded, one of whom died during the withdrawal to Commonyr.