Dubhaine Family/Imperial Cagilan Guard

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An infantry company commanded by Moira Dubhaine and composed of Cagilian ex-patriots living in Fontan on East Continent, selected for their martial prowess and unwavering character. Their livery of quilted red silk tunics woven in gold filigree with the Cagilian coat of arms is highly distinctive this far from home. Their plate armour and lion-faced helms are forged from the finest carbonised steel, folded many dozens of times for strength and flexibility and then worked by masters to matt black perfection, each piece chased with scarlet enamelling.

Because of the quality of their armour the Imperial Cagilan Guard eschew shields in favour of long-hafted battle axes and they are trained to use these both offensively and defensively, their combat style a ballet of axeplay and destruction as they cut through lesser troops with grim determination.