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Bruce was a capable troop leader but when it came down to swords, Wassgandr was sure Bruce was no match for him. After all, it is Bruce we are talking about!
Bruce was a capable troop leader but when it came down to swords, Wassgandr was sure Bruce was no match for him. After all, it is Bruce we are talking about!
== 21st March ==
=== Winter Evening - [[Giask]] ===
==== Giulio ====
Word spreads of an adventurer, Giulio, eager to seek work.

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5th March

Winter Day - Giask

Nivani Weaver

Nivani really hates ships. The ship slid thru the water to a thump against the dock. She did not wait and was the second or third person off the boat.

She has arrived after the death of her sister. The family had already sent her to this continent to make the family name present. She was instructed to find her sister's body. She died somewhere to the north after running from her last realm. The letters she sent that made it home sounded as if she had lost her mind. She was already on her voyage,when the letter of her sister's death came to her. It did not change her secondary mission of establishing the family name in far away lands.

14th March

Winter Day - Outer Giask

Lytcott Cavendish

The first thing you notice is the face tattooed like a skull.

The armor is black, and black hooded. A sword with etchings in some unknown tongue, deep enough to show them dark against the steel. A mace tucked in his belt.

The letters P-R-U-D-E-N-C-E marked across each knuckle round out the picture.

15th March

Winter Day - Outer Giask

Lytcott Cavendish

The figure in black sat silently upon his ebony warhorse, watching the troops and militia form up at the walls through the skull-shaped helm.

His archers stood stony-faced in a line further behind, bows at the side, awaiting a command to advance.

The monsters rushed forward to attack the palisades. Thwock went the bows of the militia, clouding the sky momentarily, followed by shrieks of pain and rage.

As soon as it had started, it was over. The skull nodded approvingly, and with a signal the Bows retired to their barracks to prepare for the next arrival.

20th March

Winter Day - Askileon

Solomon Greybrook

The Wedding of Solomon Greybrook and Sibylle Kinsey – Golden Farrow

As the sun began to rise through the morning mist in the Golden Port, Solomon stood on his balcony looking at the scene with delight and apprehension - this day had been seasons in the making. Solomon had received a peculiar scout report that morning which he spent some time staring southbound, wondering the circumstances of such an event. He had addressed the report immediately before he departed but kept the thought in the back of his mind.

As part of the tradition, from what he had understood from the texts of the Tidemother, Solomon was accompanied by only his Royal Guard and brother Emyhr to the beach in Golden Farrow. There, Solomon stripped himself of his clothes and entered the cold waters of the Gold Sea in winter. Once entered, brother Emyhr conducted some rites of cleansing in preparation for this momentous occasion as he forcibly submerged Solomon. It is traditionally held by a Priest of the faith but as the Lady Tyra was incapacitated, it was fitting that Emyhr conducted the short procession instead. Willingly at first, the cold began to seep into his bones as his oxygen slowly began to run out but resisted the urge to resist. After many moments, Solomon was dragged out of the sea as Emyhr finished his recital as a fellow noble of the Tidemother, reminding the Navarch that like the Tidemother, we all have an ability to give life and take it away.

Once Solomon had recovered from the religious rite, the Navarch began his procession. The wedding would be the pinnacle of the pre-celebrations of the First Golden Farrow tournament as what appeared to be 36 nobles celebrating in the festival like atmosphere. Dressed in his Royal regalia with his Greybrook Sigel, Solomon’s procession began at the gates of Golden Farrow and would weave through the estates of the nobility where eventually they would arrive at the Royal Palace. The streets were lined with peasant onlookers as they celebrated the festival and paraded their ruler with flowers or other forms of well wishing. While most of the city was Sanguis Astroist, Tol Goldora was home to many faiths and in part had their own traditions in wedding ceremonies. While this parade was not of any religious significance, it was an opportunity for Tol Goldora to officially begin the new chapter at the end of Winter and coming into Spring.

Arriving at the Royal Palace, many nobles of the realms were in attendance as the Margravine bride Sibylle awaited at the altar. Due to their religious differences, which Solomon was not to enforce on his future wife, the ceremony was in majority a secular matter which took it’s ques from ancient noble tradition as well as this marriage’s importance not only to the realm but to the whole of Dwilight. The couple’s hands were joined by a gold piece of silk rope, emphasising that not only were the two nobles were to be wed but the families of both and their offspring to be joined forever more. With the exchange of rings and the end of the ceremony, the re-decorated Great Hall erupted into celebration as the two nobles became officially husband and wife.

The proceedings would continue throughout the day were all nobles in Golden Farrow were invited to celebrate the joyous occasion as well as the grand feast that would be held throughout the day in the Palace grounds.

Winter Evening - Giask

Kiran Mir-Ashtan

Kiran had almost a sense of dread, he had been set to face his own liege in a training match and she was ever so known as an incredibly capable combatant with a very capable brain. Kiran knew he would have to plan well to gain victory against her in such a match and he would have to hope that he would be able to out whit her.

Though it would be a great opportunity most certainly.

Wassgandr Felsenbach

After sending the tournament update, Wassgandr packed his belongings to sail toward Shinnen. There he would face Good Bruce who will no doubt lose to him.

Bruce was a capable troop leader but when it came down to swords, Wassgandr was sure Bruce was no match for him. After all, it is Bruce we are talking about!

21st March

Winter Evening - Giask


Word spreads of an adventurer, Giulio, eager to seek work.