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10th January

Spring Evening -- Ciarin Tut

Bruce Wilde

The vast wildlands of Ciarin Tut lay spread out in front of him, seemingly almost endless with its pasture fields stretching out far and wide under the cool spring sun. The sound of boots, steel and leather, could be heard as the boots struck the ground rythmically, almost like a trance, with one bigger thud, shortly followed by a smaller thud produced by the few soldiers that did not keep the same tact as the others. Bruce did not care about that whatsoever as he sat on his horseback and idly listened to his scribe and his captain arguing over the perfect recipe for a turnip soup. After all, they were out in the fields with only the cattle to impress so there was no need to be ceremonial, and who knew how many of the younglings, fathers and brothers that would be marching the same way back to Askileon after the threat in Mattan Dews had been dealt with?

One week ago, Bruce had been the vassal knight of Margrave Wassgandr, serving Askileon as the Master of the Red Light District, where Bruce had implented his own kind of justice among the brothels, shady inns, and their patrons. Today he was the Imperial Magistrate of Luria Nova, the chief of justice with jurisdiction across the whole realm, as well as King of Moon Hall, making his old liege and benefactor become his vassal, and with this new found titles and power also came a pledge, oath and burden towards the people and nobles of the realm alike. As his old uncle Ben used to say: "With great power comes great responsibility.", and there was work to be done with Moon Hall, as it was not in its best shape when Bruce had received the appointment. He had to find lords for the lordless regions, as well as find methods, ways but most of all time to improve the regions. He had reached out to potential candidates for the lordships, but no luck so far. He did not blame them whatsoever as he understood their current situation, but he felt a bit sad about it nonetheless. Hopefully one of them would respond back to them soon, saying that they want to expand their duties to the realm.

He let out a sigh, but none of his companions seemed to notice as they had moved on to discuss whether parsley should be included in the soup or not. For now, he had to focus on the threat in Mattan Dews, and even if he had expected to have more units in Ciarin Tut by now, he had to make do with what the forces he had at his disposal in Ciarin Tut for now. The discussion of parsley came to an abrupt end when Bruce motioned his scribe to come forward. The takeover had to be stopped. With a heavy heart he started to draft the upcoming orders for the army.