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February 1st - To Sir Spearhead Reapers, Ruler of Oritolon

Oh blinded one,

I have nought but love for you, though accursed and damned you appear beyond all hope of salvation. When I am called upon to tread the blessed path of Martyrdom I shall gladly revisit the black pit of despair upon which all your lies are founded and watch in wonderment as blessed Denariel leads your enslaved people to salvation. And I pray with all fervent hope that you shall be amongst their number, cleansed of your corruption and made whole again!

Sir Cathal Dubhaine (Knight of Alowca)

February 1st - To the Realm

Noble Paladins of the Blessed Realm,

I have these past few days been spreading the message of peace and love amongst the pits of Oritolon. And low, see what fruit they have wrought!

Tere, there now... Did you escape or did you send that from your cell? Just in case my Judge didn't get to forward you my reply, here's a copy. Enjoy and stop ridiculing yourself:

Oh little ignorant priest of lies and foolishness, who are you to judge me? I've been here longer than probably anyone in your pathetic realm and I know who my friends and enemies are better than any petty "advisor" that comes in my way. Lukon has been a true friend since the beginning of time, so save your mud for the peasants you preach in your lands. Alowca and Alebad started this war out of their greed, not us. Friends? Ha! If you're looking for a fool to believe your lies good luck in your realm - you'll find plenty there.

Your letters made me laugh though and I am not ungrateful, I always appreciate humour. So, this is a sample of Alowca's "brothership" from someone much more authorized than you to speak for his realm's intentions:

Roleplay from Gravitas Martius, Paladin Primus of Alowca (1 day, 14 hours ago) Message sent to everyone in the region Abaka (29 recipients)

Well, I would guess that you have no interest in a takeover. In typical barbarian fashion, you're simple laying waste to the countryside, the way a dog will piss on a bone so that no one else will touch it. My nose is full of smoke from burning villages and fields in every direction, and I can hear the screams of the women and children.

The people of Abaka will be avenged. I've made this vow before, and I renew it now before Denariel as my witness, and Alluran as my judge. While I live, my only goal is to stand on the rubble of Oritolon city and purge this filth from the colonies. This I swear.

For Alowca and the Trinity,

Gravitas Martius Paladin Primus of Alowca

When your sentence ends and you return to your homeland, tell your big-mouthed General I've heard such threats a hundred times before but empty words will never cover incompetence.

To conclude, I know who my friends and brothers are and they come from the West. Don't bother annoying me with your jokes anymore, you're just wasting your time. The day hostilities end will be the day Alowca and Alebad are wiped off the map of the Colonies. You priests had your chance to finish us but it's long gone now. Incompetence is not forgiven in war, you'll pay that with your homelands.

As for the trolls you worship, I spit on their temples every time I come across them. I was the one that ruined the temple in Irdalni though you might have repaired it by now but you have my word I'll do it again as soon as I get the chance to.

I have to leave you now, lunch is ready and I have another temple in Abaka to pay tribute to later. Busy day, isn't it? I hope not to hear from you again in the future, I have better things to invest my time on. Stay in your wormhole when you get released, you are not welcome in Oritolon's lands. Unless you want to learn that the hard way...

Sir Spearhead Reapers Ruler of Oritolon

Alas it would seem that Sir Reapers is happy in the blackness of Lukon's shadow and that only the divine fury of Denariel herself will make him see the error of his ways. I mourn for the many on both sides who must die ere this conflict concludes, especially those poor souls in darkness who shall forever rot unsettled in their unhallowed graves, ignorant and apostate alike.

Sir Cathal Dubhaine (Knight of Alowca)

February 2nd - To the Realm

I have achieved all that I could within the stronghold of the enemy, and for the paltry sum of 20 gold have bought my freedom. Whilst I begrudge each noble coin for surely it will be turned to evil purpose, my men have need of my leadership if they are not to follow the example of my scouts and healers and return to their homes.

I pray you all, brothers and sisters, that if you fall into the hands of these misguided Oritolon bondsmen treat them with love and show them the folly of their ways. Each soul we save from eternal undeath is worth more than any bounty or ransom extracted by our unholy adversaries, and would should testify such victories throughout the realms!

I have also in quiet reflection - a practice wholly new to me, who until but a week ago was mired in sinfulness - realised that for all his pomp and circumstance the accursed of Oritolon, Reapers the Thrice Cursed, is easily goaded. We have seen four ourselves the hollowness of his words, for even as his armies loot and rape and pillage they lack the skill to build upon their victories.

Abaka shall not long lay under such tyranny and our brothers in Alebad will share in the great victory we shall achieve. None can stop this, whether Oritolon beast or Lukon demon, they must all surely be swept into the west as chaff before the wind.

Sir Cathal Dubhaine (Knight of Alowca)

February 2nd - To Sir Spearhead Reapers, Ruler of Oritolon

Reapers the Thrice Cursed,

I happily extend this gift of twenty gold coins for the palatial accommodations with which you so generously appointed me during my brief incarceration. You have earned them in spite of yourself, for the experience has proven wonderfully exhilarating and I leave your demesne a worthier person than I arrived.

And for each of these gold coins, you will suffer twenty humiliations at the hands of those you have oppressed until your shriven unliving husk cries out for mercy even unto the highest vault of creation and he who is the judge of all shall weigh your fate in the balance and find you wanting.

I shall spread my new-found message of hope to all in Alowca, and we shall arise in ever-greater glory to battle the lies and wickedness with which you ensnare the people of Oritolon. The cleansing flame will sweep such as you into the Ocean and we shall build a Temple in the ruins wherefrom a new realm of saints shall arise in their stead.

But it is not too late for you to turn from this path and abandon your false pride. The people of Alowca would welcome you as brothers if you would but repent your sins, and mighty Alluran himself would lay aside the doom that you have bidden for he is the wisest of judges and sees the truth of a man's heart.

May mercy and compassion guide you to The Way.

Sir Cathal Dubhaine (Knight of Alowca)

February 3rd - To The Church of The Trinity

The Way is to bring utter ruin on our defeated foes, not to waste the lives of believers beneath the spear-points of the wicked heathens without purpose.

Reapers the Unliving, King of apostates, uses arms to oppress those who oppose him. His lies may lack the power to ensnare those who live in righteousness, as we have seen in Abaka, and his own subjects would surely rather join us in Freedom, but he has surrounded himself with a coterie of vile demons who revel in his iniquities.

We must harbour our strength and that of our Allies until the right moment, showing our weakness to the Abomination. Let him believe we are running all hither and anon in panic, that our faith has been sundered and we fall upon ourselves in discord - his own words to me suggest that this is exactly what he believes of us. Play to his prejudice and we gain the advantage.

Oh his arrogance, this troll who knows nothing but rapine and who revels in the adoration of his corrupted people: adoration that is founded on his strength in battle. We can snatch Gretzen from his bloody maw and in holding it break his servants' faith in his invincibility, but we cannot do that if he believes we are capable of resisting. He holds us in contempt and our strengths are that very perceived weakness and the hollow pride upon which it is founded.

Each morning we must sacrifice one of our own, weak and disorganised into His outstretched palm, wasting their strengths and the lives of their men in futile battle such that He will come to believe that we have forsaken the discipline of The Way and forgotten the example of Denariel the Blessed. And from each who lays within his grasp must come a torrent of pride, each extolling the might in arms which daily he sees missing. Let him see delusion where there is might, folly where there is strategy, and he will walk unseeing into the trap ordained for him.

We have the weapons of Truth and Faith on our side, and when the time is right we will receive the sign that we should muster our leaguered arms with those of our Allies and drive these beasts into the west. Grentzen will open her arms to us in love, and we shall endow her with the strength of our arms, mocking Him who sits on the black throne of Oritolon for his conceit and opening The Way to all who live in darkness.

Sir Cathal Dubhaine (Knight of Alowca)

February 10th - To the Realm

Most beloved brethren,

Did I not foretell the doom of Lukon? And see, they play their part. Their new capital of Portion shall be the very heart of the maelstrom which their own evil has conjured, and the combined armies of righteous shall surely fill its crossings with the heathen carrion of those who would tread all this land under their iron-shod feet.

Blessed be the name of Denarial who has shown us The Way!

Sir Cathal Dubhaine (Knight of Alowca)