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In full knowledge that Dwilight is a continent unlike any other at this time, that local politics are unique in themselves, and that the endless waves of the ambitious threaten the very foundation of the established orders, the signataries of this treaty agree that some parts of society are inevitably common to all higher civilizations, and that those who put themselves above the established order will show an endless pattern of such behaviour, forever to repeat their acts in their ever changing homes. By convention, the powers signing this treaty have decided to take a proactive stance on the issue, and engage to refuse one's troublemaker as their own, so as to send a strong message on the way things are to be, to current and future generations, as well as those who have already erred.

Article 1

This treaty is retroactive. Once a troublemaker, always a troublemaker.

Article 2

The friend of your friend is not necessarily your friend. Should not all parties mutually agree to sign this treaty in all possible ways, an exile will only be considered an exile by those who have directly signed this treaty between the original banning realm and the host realm. Clarification: If realm A, B, and C all sign to eachother, but B and C also sign this treaty with D, an exile X from A can make his home in realm D without repercussion, and vice-versa. It is assumed that realms will only sign such a treaty with a realm who is inclined in a similar ideology, therefore assuring that the scum of one is indeed the scum of the other.

Article 3

Only banishments for acts against a ruling government or against the realm in general can be exported. The banishment of high-level political exiles, such as royals or overthrown rulers (of a respected amount of time in office), are however up to the rulers of the potential host realm.

Article 4

Religions are treated as per article 3. Banishments on basis of faith do no transfer over, however, banishments due to religiously-inspired acts against the ruling government does. Special sub-amendments may be written between specific realms regarding this article to modify the treatment of priests and other followers, and how the rest of the treaty affects them.

As signed by, in alphabetical order of the signing realm:

  • Khephera Stormwind_, High Magistrate of Caerwyn
  • Machiavel Chénier___, Extorqueo Impero of D'Hara
  • Averyll Arete________, Queen of Everguard
  • __________________,

(there any many blank lines under these)

Caerwyn Exile List

Serko Relak - Banned by Rothat for causing unrest and insulting a Duke. For bringing danger and threat to the families of the Duke and Judge.

D'Hara Exile List

Edith Hashimashidas – Banned by Tenebrioun Kiri-Jolith on the 19th day of the 9th month in the Year of Fafnir 1008 For Treason. Refusing to obey the Orders of your Duchess and Ruler. Inciting the Peasantry against the Realm. Intentionally starving the peasantry of your Region. General Neglect and Disdain for your responsibilities.

Hericus Le-Fay – Banned by Machiavel Chénier on the 24th day of the 9th month in the year of Fafnir 1008 For being the single most untrustworthy noble of the continent. You foul being is not wanted here. (And to uphold this treaty with the member realm Caerwyn)

Edelstein Greneburie – Banned by Machiavel Chénier on the 13th day of the 10th month in the year of Fafnir 1008 as the Overthrown ruler of the old government (of Shadovar)

Serko Relak – Banned by Machiavel Chénier on the 13th day of the 10th month in the year of Fafnir 1008 For being known to threaten government members and using family ties to get what he wants. (And to uphold this treaty with the member realm Caerwyn)

Sergei De Gardes - Banned by Lady Katrina Dragul on the 10th day of the 12th month in the year of Fafnir 1008 For conspiracy against the crown and her loyal servants.

Everguard Exile List

Maximus Crusader - For being the Rebel leader in the rebellion against the realm.



Liam Mc Ahava - For inciting rebellion against the realm.