Cathay/Constitution of Cathay

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Title Constitution of Cathay
Realm Realm::Cathay
Proposed by Bofeng Liew
Pass date (unknown)

This version of Constitution was voted down. This page is for reference purposes.

Section I: Ruler's Divine Right

1. The Free Kingdom of Cathay is a Constitutional Monarchy. Ruler of Cathay is the Child of Heaven and his or her divine right to rule comes from the Mandate of Heaven. Such right is subject to no earthly authority, but may be withdrawn from a despotic ruler.

1.1. Royal Privy Council is the throne's private advisory body, and consists of all landed lords and Royal Advisors.

Section II: Legislative Body

2. House of Lords, which consists of all landed lords, is the legislative body. All passed bills by House of Lords become law automatically.

2.1. All levels of landed lords (including ruler, dukes, lords) are elected only once through public elections among all nobles of Cathay.

2.2. Each lord has one vote with equal weight. Any bill has to be submitted by a lord and pass simple majority in the vote in order to become law.

2.3. House of Lords has the right to set up and adjust the duchies and the ruler has the right to name such duchies.

2.4. House of Lords has the right to approve budge plans and tax rates.

2.5. House of Lords has the right to remove any lord or government officer convicted of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Section III: Government

3. Except ruler, government officers in Cathay are elected by all nobles of Cathay quarterly, and receive allowance for their services.

3.1. King/Queen (ruler) is the head of the state, and handles foreign affairs.

3.2. High Marshal (general) is the chief commander of all armies, and appoints all Marshals and Military Advisors.

3.3. High Chancellor (judge) is the law protector and enforces Constitution of Cathay and other laws passed by House of Lords.

3.4. Royal Treasurer (banker) is the head of Treasure Committee, which controls the collecting and disbursement of Cathay's treasury, and administers tax collection, food production, and trading throughout Cathay.

Section IV: Military System

4. All armies of Cathay are funded by Cathay's Central Treasury and commanded by High Marshal.

4.1. High Marshal has the authority to design the composition of all armies and appoint all Marshals and Military Advisors.

4.2. War Council consists of Marshals, Army Sponsors, and Military Advisors.

Section V: Finance System

5. Cathay's Central Treasury is funded by half of the throne's weekly income and other donations, and administrated by Treasury Committee. The funds are to be passed on to the successor in case of a change in office.

5.1. Changes to all tax rates (regional, duke share, realm share) and officer salaries are determined by House of Lords, and enforced by High Chancellor.

5.2. Royal Treasurer has the authority to appoint Treasury Advisors to Treasury Committee, which can disburse the funds at its sole disposal.

5.3. Royal Treasurer shall keep the books and publish periodic reports to all nobles on gains and expenses.

5.4. Royal Treasurer shall publish periodic reports to all nobles on food production and transactions.

5.5. Treasury Committee is headed by Royal Treasurer. It consists of Royal Treasurer, all dukes, and Treasury Advisors. Treasury Committee receives funding requests from nobles, and disburses the funds at its disposal.