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Taken from an account of High King Rowan MacGregor, of Caligus, who held in his hands the Anthology of Caligus

"Time and again we cover the same topic. I must explain History over and over and each time it becomes more difficult to prove and more difficult to stay objective.

But as the bearer of the Anthology of Caligus and a Historian, I shall make the attempt once more.

Some time ago, during the period when First Oligarch still existed, Caligus had just come to the aide of a joint attack on the city-state and found success. Relieved of its duties and obligations to its current allies, and in a position to assist the worthy in other endeavors, it- we- turned our attention Southward to see whom there required aid.

Diplomacy was begun, courtiers sent and ambassadors welcomed into the courts of Domus. In time, and after a Festivous Winter Ball the likes of which hasn't been seen on the continent since, Caligus realized the most worthy and honorable realm of the lot was the Imperium of Greater Xavax.

Thus began our journey into the current leg of the war we are in now. It began slowly, much like Caligus was known for back then unfortunately. We had been no match for Hamadans walls, and so we sought to send our strength Southward. After some more diplomatic envoys were sent, Vix Tiramora decided to join us in our defense of Greater Xavax.

So they said.

One successful march South was all we ever got, when the news of Vix betrayal hit us. In the time it took us to travel back to our lands through Abadan (owned by Vix at the time with level two walls and a huge militia) they dropped relations fast enough that our army crashed into the walls of Abadan and were massacred against our former allies militia of all things.

It took Perdan a very short time to announce, they too were joining the extending conflict, of course on the "easy win" side, now perceiving Greater Xavax and Caligus to targets ripe for the pickings. Thus PerVix Alliance was created and remains to this day.

It wasn't long before the next major event would come into play.

Obsidian Islands- who are just recently no more now- back then used what little resources it had at its disposal and had been apparently preaching in Fontan City for some time. It used its religion as a weapon, and after one failed attempt, successfully converted the city to their ownership.

Against my warnings, (I was but a Knight then) the General sent our full army to reclaim it, paving the way for PerVix to swoop into the Capital of Domus, and swoop they did, clearing out the 6k or so of militia, and beginning their takeover of the capital city of Caligus.

This was not a swift takeover, and the allies of the North recognized their friend in need, and as we finished the reconquering of Fontan, we turned back to the Capital and readied for our one shot to save it from the ongoing takeover.

By then, I had finally been elected General and had an opportunity to recover from my predecessors decision. Meticulously organizing each Northern army, we set the time and turn and line settings and prepared for a tight battle. It would be close, but if we could just break the takeover, that would be enough.

Alas. An allied marshal had mistakingly left their marshal line settings on, and our- my- meticulously laid efforts were crushed, our forces routed too easily, and the takeover succeeded. Returning Royal Evangeline Uceek and many others gave up or disappeared after that. As we lost ground time and again, things never really improved. Akesh Temple was lost. We were then Pushed us back into Viseu and Tokat, and eventually Fontan city.

Things looked grim then. Surely it was Caligus' darkest hour. For Greater Xavax had fallen as well sometime during this era. Never was it due to military planning or tactics, mind you. For they wielded the fiercest and most well organized army the continent has likely ever witnessed, taking on five to one odds. No, they suffered a betrayal of a Duke before the swarming bandit hordes, vultures, and betrayers finally did their deed.

Unfortunately for them, the Will of the Phoenix was not so easily broken, and though their peoples did fracture into two groups, the main group made its way to Sirion. Caligus' continual losses were not in vain however, as even when the South formed a new realm from Caligus' lands, so did Sirion finally reclaim Westmoor.

With the arrival of the Redwings, the refugees of Greater Xavax, and some time and negotiation, Sirion agreed they had not deserved their fate, and benevolently- generously even- granted them the city they had just reclaimed so the Phoenix could fulfill its destiny and be reborn, just as it's fierce leader had done before then.

Now a United Northern Front was truly born, and the war could be fought in earnest. History here bleeds its way into the present and so I will keep this brief. Caligus was finally able to push back, after negotiations to exit the war fell through, due to Vix continued aggression towards its stalwart and steadfast neighbor Eponllyn. With everyones military support, Nivemus' exceptional monetary donations, and the coordinated efforts of every army maintained over many years, we scraped back our territory from those who'd claimed it, essentially, and the trend has not shifted in that direction for a while.

Apologies for any details I've missed. I've run out of candles to write to and the hour grows late."