Bas-Tyra Family

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Family Members contributing to Society

Guy- Guy became the head of his family's branch following the death of his father, a mercenary. He keeps in touch with his cousins, of whom only two have successfully conducted themselves. When Guy came of age, in the family's home of Erahol, the first thing he did was head to Greater Aenilia's capital, Idapur, and pledged his service to the then Duke, Xarnelf, and he was one of only two knights serving Idapur, the other being the then king, Tharion de Ravenal. He came of age just as the war against Soliferium began, and he fought in every theater of that war. After Soliferium's might was only a tale, King Tharion left the realm, and Guy witnessed his Duke become King of Greater Aenilia. Later on, as the ambassador of the realm desired to leave his position, Guy studied diplomacy so that he could serve his realm to the best of his ability, taking service under King Xarnelf again, but not as knight, but this time as ambassador. Guy was later appointed Count of his home region of Erahol. After Markus Thurdan, Patriarch of the faith Magna Aenilia Ecclesia, rebelled, forming his own kingdom, and died very soon after, Guy became a priest so that he could work to preserve the faith, promising that he would return as a soldier when everything was back in order...

Pyran- After learning that his cousin, Guy, had taken service and become a noble, Pyran decided to seek his fortune in the Colonies, and that he did. As he arrived in the Colonies, in the realm of Oritolon, he took service in the region of Warmanoras, of the duchy of Alowca. However, a matter vital to the future of Oritolon was taking place, the Prime Minister, Antonine, was on trial by Hvrek Psych, for corruption. Hvrek gained much power which would see him as Prime Minister in the future during this trial. When Hvrek became Prime Minister, he ordered the realm to capture Windaria, which they did. As Windaria was captured, Pyran became a knight there to further his realm's control of the region, when everything changed. Pyran had been working together with a number of Oritolon's leaders, where they were decided to take Hvrek to trial, as evidence of his corruption had arisen. As Pyran, and a number of other members of the realm made for the capital in protest, Hvrek's puppet judge, Katherine, exiled former challenger of Hvrek during the election, Actrial, and the Duke of Oritolon, Lord Spearhead. Many of the nobles, including Pyran, were banned from the realm, but instead they stayed and waged a successful rebellion against Hvrek and Katherine. During the rebellion, Hvrek changed the political system of the nation to grant himself the same powers as a king, and that provided more ammunition against him. During the revolution, Pyran had convinced many of the realm to either fight with the rebels or merely stay out of the fight. Following an unsuccessful counter-revolution, the gods saw fit to strike down those who fought against the side of the Democracy, and the nobles of Oritolon were decimated. Those who remained fought to reclaim the land lost to them, regaining Grentzen, Sovonoval, and Iglavik. Due to his loyalty, Pyran was granted the Barony of Iglavik, and worked to make it the greatest region in the realm...

Family Weapons

Guy- Guy carries two swords, one awarded to him by the then Duke Xarnelf and King Tharion, for the Hall of Blood and Battle, the other having been discovered one morning in his residence.

Pyran- Pyran carries a halberd which he has carried since he arrived in the Colonies.

Benasuto- Benasuto wields a crossbow and short sword, the latter he uses when the former is impractical.

Members of the family retired into Obscurity

Xenophon- Found nobility to be too difficult for him, retired back to his family's estates in Erahol to work as a clerk.

Carden- Quickly bored of the noble's life, keeps the title of noble but retired into obscurity, rumors abound that he is a mercenary.

Geralt- A rather unsuccessful adventurer, returned home after the hundredth wound, he helps Guy when asked nicely, and in his adventuring day singlehandedly killed hundreds of monsters and undead, a relatively low number in his opinion. Fought for three years.

Melchior- Retired after arguments with other nobles, fearful for his life. Currently works as a small-time merchant for his family.

Benasuto- Benasuto moved the the East Continent when he was around twenty years old, and in very few years saw much warfare. In the realm of Fontan, he joined in the fight against Sirion by taking his oath to serve as a knight of Negev. After he became a knight, he quickly advanced towards Tabost to fight the elven horde, which he fought against several times with the rest of the Fontanese host, to be broken each time, until Montijo. Montijo had been captured by Sirionite forces, and Fontan's armies moved to take it back, which they did. After the battle for Montijo, Benasuto's archer company was one of the few units of the realm who had more than twenty men, such were the losses, and he came into a small, but vicious, argument with Duke Murat Kalkenden about the Dukes conduct of the war, however, the matter quickly went dissipated, and everything returned to as it had been. Benasuto's voice is commonly heard when matters arise for consideration, and he frequently angers lords with his sharp tongue. Benasuto eventually left Fontan for the Obsidian Islands, after which he took a boat to Beluterra, joining the realm of Thalmarkin. He left following a close escape from zombification.