Awtry Family

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In a medieval world, nobody stood alone. Especially among nobles, family ties and lineage were of utmost importance. Every player in BattleMaster represents one influential family. Players can have multiple characters, up to three at the same time if their information is public (four if they donate), but all of the same family. Characters share a common surname name, this will indentify your character as a member of a particular house or claim. Please remember: Trying to circumvent this by registering for the game more than once is cheating and will be punished with the deletion of all accounts of the multi cheater.

Families accumulate fame, monetary wealth, and a reputation. Fame comes automatically when a character (or in some cases characters) of the family do something notable that brings reknown to the family name. Wealth however is accumulated by characters sending money home to their family instead of spending it in-realm. Fame and wealth in turn help newly created characters, who can start the game with more prestige and initial gold.