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Theocracy of Astrum
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From the Bloodstars We Are Astrum,
To the Holy Lands of Them We Advance.


State Religion


has state religion::Sanguis Astroism

Archon Carlos Snodaert
Sword of the Maddening

Hand of the Auspicious
Austere Banker

Migash Sarracenia

Migash Sarracenia
Terra Pryde

The Theocracy of Astrum

The Beginning

Astrum is an island realm in the north central seas of Dwilight. The trade island of Libidizedd was colonized by a group of seven nobles from the theocracy of Morek. Astrum was created to spread the word of the Bloodstars across the land, the expedition party was sent from Morek with honour and cheer.

The seven founding nobles of Astrum:


The government of Astrum is a simple Theocracy, the ruler or Vasila as the locals call the noble who runs the realm heads the council, but relies heavily on the information supplied to them from the people placed as Strategos, Haruspex Maximus, and Fiduciary.

The Haruspex Maximus and Vasila are permenantly in position as they should hold the strongest religious beliefs and it is their mission to expand the belief of the Bloodstars.


Astrum cities.jpg

Astrum was formed under the three Bloodstars, Maddening being the most potent and powerful lends its power to the city of Libidizedd, while the Auspicious and Austere stars lend theirs to Mimer and Eidulb respectfully. Astrum eventually expanded to encompass the city of Chrysantalys. Soon after that, the city of Mimer was seceded by Duke Mathurin Hossenfeffer, Prophet of Sanguis Astroism, to form the realm of Corsanctum.

Memoirs by Captain Gunther


The official Religion of Astrum is Sanguis Astroism (The worship of the Bloodstars.) The Bloodstars are three red stars: the Maddening Star, the Auspicious Star and the Austere Star, that only appear a few times a year for a week or more. The constellation curiously hangs permanently over western Dwilight. Check the current phases of the Bloodstars here.

It is believed that the constellation causes madness among the natives of Dwilight and is a good omen to those of the eastern continents. It was the rise of Sanguis Astroism that led to Morek's rise over the natives.

The Guardians of the Temple were established in Astrum between autumn and winter of the Year 5. The Guardians are bound by an oath to protect the Temples and Priests of Sanguis Astroism.

Festivals and Holidays


  • Astrum Luminaria
  • Fasting of Austere


  • The Festival of Auspicious Ascending


The military structure of Astrum for a long time consisted of only one army: The Order of Astrum. Sponsored by Astrum's first Strategos Justin Greystone, the army represented a milestone in the military affairs and expansion of the realm, but due to a very bad sponsoring system, it is now departed. The Order will always be remembered with joy, especially among the older nobles of Astrum.

Nowadays, the military organization of Astrum is based on Ducal Armies and area coverages. All Ducal Armies are led by their Marshals and are at the disposal of the Strategos of Astrum. Early in Astrum's expansion, the favorable and unique geographic position of Astrum allowed each army to be assigned to guard specific choke points, namely the Well of Mimer and Eidulb Outskirts. Since then, Mimer has been ceded to the new realm of Corsanctum and Astrum has expanded both north and west. Now, one army is responsible for the defense of Astrum's established holdings while the other army concentrates on expansion as well as the defense of recent acquisitions.

Military Structure


  • Spectrum - Spectrum is a strategy game that has been played by the locals in Libidizedd for countless generations. It has recently been co-opted by the nobility of Astrum, who renamed the game and adapted it to fit their religious way of life.



Warring Nations



  • Kihalin Lapallanch-The winner of the tournament in Valkyrja. The first noble to win a tournament in Astrum. A three time tournament champion.
  • Cerber DeRouen-The winnier of the jousting tournament in Golden Ferrow.

Hall of Fallen Heroes


Golden Age

Astrum at its greatest extent.

Astrum at its peak.png