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The realm
the Assassins
Shadow Born.jpg

The Realm of the Assassins is the only realm truly devoted to peace and prosperity for the Colonies. The nobles here are all devoted artists; painters and sketch artists, musicians, dancers, and first and foremost dedicated theater players. The Dark Citadel is our home but often we travel the known world in search of scenes or Nobles to draw, or venues to perform at, and new stories to incorporate into our shows, and perform in return for small coins or tokens; it doesn’t matter how much, we just love to meet new people and we love our work.

Most of our Nobles also enjoy a good game as well, and several are masters of various games. While they are glad to play, even for high stakes, they have been known to encounter those who have no humour about losing. Sometimes the losers make up stories about us, to put us in a poor light, or to justify our persecution, and for this reason we discourage those from joining the realm who are unable to well defend themselves.

The unfortunate choice of a name for our realm stems from the distant past, when a company put on a poorly understood performance about a man who traded his eternal future for secret knowledge. I’m afraid, that like with many bad reviews, it tends to be remembered more than the truth.

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