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| Lyanna story
| Lyanna story
| [[File:ArylonCOA.jpg|frameless|200px|center]]
| [[File:TaranII.jpg|frameless|200px|center]]
| style="text-align: center; font-size:22px; align:center;" |'''Taran Arylon'''</span>
| style="text-align: center; font-size:22px; align:center;" |'''Taran Arylon'''</span>
<span style="font-size: 14px; font-style: italic;">Son of Taran</span>
<span style="font-size: 14px; font-style: italic;">Son of Taran</span>

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The House of Arylon is a noble house of royal bloodline, originating from the remote regions of the Cagilan Empire on the lost continent of Atamara. The name itself originates from the ancient hereditary title Aryl, which in an ancient Atamaran language means "Lord." Humble in origin, the Arylonians were minor nobles of little fame or authority for generations, before rising in significance and becoming one of the most recognizable noble houses in the known world.

After generations of obscurity, it was the exploits of the brothers of Fisc and Taran that led to the ascension of the Arylonians. Ironically, it was by forsaking their ancestral home and claim on nobility that the brothers would rise. When they came of age, Fisc -- who was always more restless and belligerent than Taran -- was unsatisfied by his position in life, and sought to carve out his own name in battle by traveling to the South-East Island and pledging himself to a realm, Toren, fighting in the perpetual war of that land. There he would distinguish himself, gaining a Lordship, then later becoming Fiduciary, and later still General, overseeing all of the war effort.

Taran remained on Atamara, but equally frustrated by his anonymity and irrelevance among the Cagilans, he abandoned his family estate and traveled to the south-east of the continent, joining the realm of Abington, which would eventually become Suville. There he would thrive, rising to serve as Suville's General for a long period of time, as well as the realm's Master of Law, and Duke of the stronghold of Stoneville.

The family became a royal house when Fisc was forced to flee from the destruction of the South-East Island. He and a combination of Torenites and other refugees from the continent came to the newly discovered land of Dwilight, where they formed a new nation, called Everguard, to which Fisc was proclaimed the first High King. Under his leadership, Everguard prospered and expanded to control the north-west portion of the continent of Dwilight. He would later go on to found the religion of Torenism at the ancient Shrine of Seeklander and serve as a prophet to the God Tor. When the realm of Astrum betrayed their alliance with Everguard, Fisc eventually fled to the nascent realm of Averoth, where he would rise to become Chancellor. After growing disillusioned with the treachery he had experienced, though, Fisc wandered before ultimately taking his wife and young children to the East Continent, where they would quietly settle in an estate and retire from public life.

Some time later, Fisc vanished without trace, leaving their children without a father. At the same time, Taran had also grown dissatisfied with the scheming and backbiting of the Atamaran realms, and set off on a ship in search of the unexplored mysteries of our world. Neither Fisc nor Taran has been seen for more than a decade.

Today, the House of Arylon is once again ascendent, owing to the young noble careers of the children of Fisc and Taran, including Gheric, Lyanna, Taran the second, and Tyran, as well as the exploits of their younger brother Caravanthian. These children, mimicking the adventures of their famous forebearers, have set off to all corners of the world, looking to create for themselves a life of distinction. Gheric has settled in Dwilight, in the realm of Westgard, in the hopes of renewing the legacy of his father on the continent that he feels broke his spirit. Lyanna remained on the East Continent and has forged her own career in the realm of Sirion. Taran the second followed his uncle's path by traveling to the South Island, in search of glory through war on the lands cursed by constant death. Tyran journeyed to Beluaterra and settled in the realm of Nothoi in what he felt was the furthest possible place he could have gone from the name of his famous father. And Caravanthian has found himself on the Colonies, after he attempted to follow his nephew Gheric to Dwilight, only to be blown off course. He now resides in the realm of Halcyon.

Together, this new generation of Arylonian blood hopes to build upon the legacy set forth before them.

Family Members of Accomplishment

Fisc Arylon Missing Unknown Unknown Fisc Arylon, also known as The Emerald Knight and Fisc Silvertongue, was a warrior, statesman, King and religious icon of great fame in the old days of our world. Beginning his exploits on the now destroyed South-East Island, his reputation as a fierce warrior would be sharpened while fighting for the realm of Toren. He is, however, best known among the ancient families as the first High King of the realm of Everguard in north-western Dwilight. Everguard was the first Kingdom founded in Dwilight that reached into the monster-infested hordes of the west. Fisc himself was the first man to lead knights-at-arms into that wilderness.,As High King, Fisc led his new nation to glory, quickly expanding his realm's borders as far west as the Shrine of Seeklander, and as far south as Eidulb. Everguard quickly became known as the "Emerald Jewell" of the west, defending the realms of the east from unchecked monster invasions.,Sadly, his reign was eventually ended when Fisc was struck by a horrible twisting plague, robbing him of his health and forcing him to abdicate the Crystal Throne of Everguard. In the aftermath of his abdication, he would go on to lead another colony realm known as Averoth to the west, and then later would receive divine inspiration and found the religion of Torenism at the peak of the Mountain of Betrayal.,Eventually, Everguard was betrayed and destroyed by the nation of Astrum, and Averoth was nearly destroyed as well. Frustrated by the treachery and corruption systemic through Dwilight, Fisc and his children left the continent seeking a quiet life, withdrawn from the world.,Some years later, after the death of his wife, Fisc mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again. Some have speculated that he grew restless and sought adventure beyond the known world. Some believe he died. Others think he may return some day. But today, he is gone.
Taran Arylon Missing Unknown Unknown Taran story
Caravanthian Arylon Alive Colonies Halcyon

Caravanthian is the youngest brother of Taran and Fisc Arylon, more than twenty years their junior. When his elder brothers left their ancestral home, Caravanthian was but a boy and remained behind to be raised as a proper noble. There he was educated as a child of noble privilege, learning about science, art, history and politics. Fearful that he would flee to seek glory through war like his brothers, Caravanthian's father kept him from martial pursuits. He learned basic defense, but was not brought up learning the sword, bow or military tactics the way that Fisc and Taran were.

Unbeknownst to his father, though, Caravanthian had independently been learning these gaps in his education from the quartermaster of the castle and the librarian. Ultimately, he did not want to be part of the stuffy aristocracy, locked up in their castles, concerning themselves with fashion, art and literature, content to simply entertain themselves and gorge on the plenty that was afforded to them due to the work of others. He had grown to hold most of his noble peers in great contempt, as they grew fatter and more arrogant while simultaneously deserving that arrogance and largesse less every day.

And so, one day when he was old enough, Caravanthian fled his home, in search of a life of consequence. He wished to prove himself, and knew he would never have that opportunity where he was. And so he took a considerable chest of gold and hired a ship, begging the captain to take him to the continent of Dwilight. There, his nephew Gheric had recently gone in search of restoring his father's legacy. Unfortunately, after traveling by boat for weeks, a massive storm had formed, and his ship had been pulled off course hundreds of miles. When he awoke, he found himself on the shores nearby the city of Alebad. He had shipwrecked at the mysterious continent that contained The Colonies. There he would start his new life, hoping someday to be reunited with his family and have a name worthy of the House of Arylon.

Gheric Arylon

Son of Fisc

Alive Dwilight Westgard Gheric story
Lyanna Arylon

Daughter of Fisc

Alive East Continent Sirion Lyanna story
Taran Arylon

Son of Taran

Alive South Island Sandalak Taran II story
Tyran Arylon

Son of Taran

Alive Beluaterra Nothoi Tyran story

Bastard Son of Fisc

Alive East Continent Nivemus Rearden story

Bastard Son of Fisc

Alive Dwilight Madina Mathas story