Angels of Ulrith

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The Angels of Ulrith
Ulrith.jpg Ulrithtemple.jpg
Ulrith, God of Man Altar of Wings
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Religion Map
The First Angel of Ulrith - Raine Gildre
The First Angel of Ulrith Raine Gildre
Prefect of the Virtues Alyssa Fontaine
The Faith
Continent Dwilight
Realms of Faith Westgard
Holy City Dwilight/Shrine of Seeklander
Followers 0
Temples 2
Shrines 0
Angel of Ulrith 1

The Virtues

The Virtues are the four pillars of humanity which all followers of Ulrith, and Ulrith himself, live their lives in accordance with. The Virtues are a code, a guiding light, which ensures humanity does not fall down the path of evil, nor be lead into the temptations of the Daimon Princes.

The four Virtues are:

  • Righteousness

Choose a path of most benefit for the realm. Act with the best interests of the nation at heart. Eschew barbarism and base impulses.

  • Loyalty

Be loyal to Westgard, her King, council and knights. Subterfuge, deception and treason are the highest of crimes

  • Honor

Be honest and truthful in your dealings. Promote open and fair communication. Respect the council seats.

  • Decisiveness

Favor action over inaction. Seek and exploit opportunities. Make and take advantages.

The God of Man

Ulrith is the warrior God of Man, who fights against the tides of Darkness which stem from the Portals of the Netherworld. His followers are warriors, fighting against the blights of Dwilight. In death, his followers join Ulrith and his Army of Angels, battling the Daimons on the spectral plane.

The greatest warriors on Dwilight, upon their deaths, are welcomed into the halls of Ulrith, where they will fight in the celestial battle for the freedom of the Continent and the future of mankind.

A Meeting with a God

Roleplay from Raine Gildre
A year ago, Darfix...

Raine watched from the shadows of a second story window as a patrol of monsters marched along the street below. Her black cape hung loosely from her shoulders in stillness as she stood frozen, not making a sound.

She breathed once the patrol had passed. What had she gotten herself into?

Break into a few rural tax offices, and you think you have the stuff to infiltrate Darfix? she chided herself silently. The beam of light still shined towards the heavens from the portal stones at the center of the city. Monsters had come through, from lands unknown, and wandered the city now, forming bands.

Quickly, she crossed the threshold of the window and dropped to the ground below. Hugging the buildings and the shadows they provided, she worked her way further into the city. She paused as several monsterous beasts rounded a corner ahead of her.

They snarled and snapped at each other. Of the three, two turned on the third, hacking at it with vicious looking swords. They left a mess of gore on the street when they carried on. Raine paled at the sight of the mishapen body, but she carried on.

After carefully working her way from street to street, she reached her destination: the city center. The Portal remained open, a glaring doorway of light. She swallowed a lump in her throat and watched. There were no monsters in the vicinity currently, but Raine had no way of knowing what was on the other side of the portal, or if some were going to come through...

The Dark World

Raine breathed once. Twice. A third time.

Now or never... she thought. Taking one last glance around to ensure she was alone, she bolted off sprinting across the open ground. Sweat from heat and nerves beaded on her brow as each step took her closer to the glow of light. Her heartbeat smashed in her ears like thunder. Not allowing herself a second thought, she charged into the Portal.

She blinked as the world went dark. She could make out the shape of a cropping of rocks, and she rolled to the side to take cover behind them while her eyes adjusted from the blinding light to the darkness.

As her vision cleared, she gazed first at the deep violet sky, covered in rolling black clouds crashing with lightning and thunder. Piercing up into the sky rose dark mountains, leaking trails of lava down their sides in deadly rivers. A barren, rocky landscape rolled out around her.

"Netherworld..." she breathed to herself. She could make out a Daimon in the distance, his firey wings spread, corraling a group of monsters. She would need to move.

Carefully she worked her way from outcropping to outcropping, avoiding groups of monsters and the occasional Daimon. Very little in the landscape changed as she moved away from the light of the Portal, until, in the distance, she saw another glimmer of light. Curious, she made her way towards it, until finally she was on the other side of a rock shelf from it. Cautiously, she peered around the edge.

Her eyes widened, shocked. Before her sat a giant man, bound with golden chains secured to the rocky terrain.

"It has been eons since I have seen a human..." his deep voice rumbled through Raines mind. Slowly she stepped out to look upon him fully.

"Who are you?" she whispered in awe.

"I was once called Ulrith," he smiled at her, "I was once a god..."

"A god?"

"Yes child," he raised his hands until the chains grew taught, "There were once many gods who watched over the realms of man. The Darkness, or as you have called them, the forces of Daimons, have rose up against us, one by one. We are weak, divided. And they took from us our powers. There are other gods here, bound as I..." His eyes grew wistful, "That is what happens when a following dies out. We lose our power, and the Darkness comes for us. Once it has snuffed out the last of us, they will enter your worlds in force. None will be able to stop them."

"What can I do...?" Raine asked, fearful.

"Call my name to the heavens once more, child!" Ulrith clenged his fists, muscles bulging, "Take up my banner, and call upon those who would regain the faith of man and destroy the darkness! The more who rally to my name, the more my powers will be restored, until I can shatter these chains and once again add my protection to the realms!"

He touched her face softly, "You, child, shall be my first angel. The First Angel of Ulrith. Go, take yourself from this place, back to your world, and harken my call!"

Wide eyed, Raine couldn't speak. She just turned and ran.

Cadier, present

Raine had finished. Over the past year she had gathered every tome or scroll relating to Ulrith she could find. She was ready, ready to bring forth the name of Ulrith to the continent. Every convert would grow her master's power, until he could break free from his bondage and cast the filth of evil from Dwilight.

A long, difficult path lay ahead of her. She draped a pendant of Ulrith's symbol around her neck and nodded.

She was ready. But was the world?
Raine Gildre

Dececration of the Alter of Wings

Earl Scipione De Fonseca, unprovoked, sacked and closed the original temple of the Angels. His name will be forever remembered as an enemy of the Angels for his greed and lack of honor.

Report from The Angels of Ulrith
Earl Scipione De Fonseca has sacked your small shack in his region.
The Angels of Ulrith

Report from The Angels of Ulrith
Earl Scipione De Fonseca has closed down your small shack in Cadier.
The Angels of Ulrith

View of Other Religions

The Angels of Ulrith view any other religion with a physical god as a variant of the Angels. Every religion giving strength to a god is one more which will be strong enough to fight back the sources of darkness on Dwilight.

Religions, such as the Bloodstars, with no god to follow, the Angels view as misguided. While the Bloodstars may hold sway on the continent, they cannot come to the aid of man and fight the forces of pure evil. Their draw of followers significantly hampers the ability of the gods.