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Type Rod
Discovered By Vespen
Discovery Date 21 May 2020
Discovery Location Kuugl, Beluaterra
Abilities Prestige +7
Current Owner Eugenica Snodaert

The following diary entry from the adventurer Vespen details the rediscovery of the Ancient Rod of Doom in the region of Kuugl on the island of Beluaterra on the 21 may 2020.

While hunting arachnids in Kuugl some days ago I came across a nest deep in the foothills which I managed to clear out after some intense fighting. Inside were the remains of the monsters victims, including the skeleton of a man dressed in herald clothing. Beside the remains of this priest I found a black metal rod, some 2 metres in length. The rod is inscribed with unknown golden runes along the shaft, ending in a blunt reddish, black knob in the shape of a cone. When touching the runes a faint buzzing can be heard and felt in the rod leading me to believe it holds some power.

After consulting with people more aquainted with the religious doctrines of the Heralds and Obia'Syela than myself I believe that this might be the remains of the herald Nikephoros who was banished from Obia and hunted by the Inquisition for his alleged heresies against the faith. The metal rod would in that case be the famous "Ancient Rod of Doom" (OOC: +7 prestige, 88% condition) which Nikephoros claimed had the power to banish daemons. Naturally, an object with this kind of power, not connected in any way to Obeah was reason enough for banishment. I believe he fled Obia'Syela and reached Kuugl before he was ambushed and killed by the arachnids of this lair and dragged back to their cave to be devoured.