Warrior Brotherhood of Atamara

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~WBA~ Warrior Brotherhood of Atamara ~WBA~

To bring honor and glory to all the people of Atamara. To uphold noble principles and fair play throughout the land.

Cattle die, kinsfolk die. You yourself, one day, will day. But one thing I know will never die: the fair fame you have won.

Laws of the Brotherhood

~ Prime Directive - To bring honor and glory to all the people of Atamara. To uphold noble principles and fair play throughout the land.

~ Respect and Civility is a must. Warriors of the Brotherhood are bound to act like the nobles they are to both friend and foe. Good natured boasting and taunting is acceptable, but it must not involve personal jabs nor indecent words.

~ Drink and enjoy - Ale is served in large amounts in the Brotherhood's halls. It is the medum which builds friendship and respect. All Brothers and Sisters are encouraged to carry Ale or Mead with them at all times. To share with other members encountered outside the halls of the Brotherhood, and to spread the good spirit of being a true Warrior.


~Members are encouraged to add ~WBA~ to their unit's name so other members can recognize them during travel.

Founder (Grand Master) The Grand Master is the Heart and Spirit of the Brotherhood. His guidance and vision are part of what spurs the common soldier to excel in his abilities, in order to find favor in the Grand Master's eyes.

Conclave These ranks are the Senior Council of the Brotherhood. Under the careful guidance and watchful eye of the Grand Master, all Brotherhood decisions are worked through in Council. The members of the Conclave are those who's feats in battle have surpassed mere legend and make up the very fabric of life and belief of the common people.

War Lord The Grand Master is a very busy man. With the concerns of a region to attend to as well as the vision of the Brotherhood firmly planted within his head, there was a call to assist in the day to day operation of the guild. War Lords, are those who carry forth the will of the Grand Master.

Lord of Legend Those of the Lords of Legend ranks are those who the fireside stories are told about. There exploits are well known throughout Atamara and possibly the World.

Lord of Valor Members of this rank have gone beyond the understanding of discipline and codes of conduct in such that they understand that while they are born of noble blood and by that truth can demand the service of those of lesser station, they know that that birthright also obligates them to a responsibility to serve their subjects and those under their care. Sometimes this obligation causes the noble to go without for the greater good of their subjects.

Lord of Honor The Lords of Honor understand that a successful warrior as well as a successful leader of men needs to be disciplined. They also have to have a clear code of conduct in order to maintain clear focus in the heat and confusion that battle creates. Members of this rank will be noted to have strict codes of discipline in place for themselves as well as their units, in order to keep strong in mind as well as in body. The rules and form that these may take change from case to case, but are common in their purpose.

Lord of Battle Lords of Battle live their life to prove their worth in combat. This being the case, they generally excel at their chosen combat forms, and strive to improve. It is not uncommon to see a Member at this level spending long hours perfecting one move or attack. They strive to be fighters without peer.

Warrior of Atamara Someone who is still working on attaining the skill involved as a Lord of Battle is still deemed a full member of the Brotherhood. With time and study they will rise among the ranks. A Warrior of Atamara has the right to be called Brother or Sister by all other full guild members.

Warrior Candidate Those who aspire to greatness need to be introduced to the Members of the Brotherhood and all that it holds. This Warrior Pledge then Chooses a sponsor who must be a member of at least Master in rank. Once he has gained a sponsor then he can be considered as a prospective member to be weighed. If he is found wanted and without flaw an initiation ceremony led by a Senior Member upon request from his sponsor. This is required to ascend to "Warrior of Atamara".

Warrior Pledge Those whom wish to become full members of the Brotherhood. Must first seek sponsorship, and prove themselves true to the codes and ethics of the Brotherhood in order to become a member of full status.