Evadne Family

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The Evadne family is based in Hawthorne (Eston, Atamara), though they originally called Cantril (Talerium, Atamara) home. All three daughters, Taiasin, Ktrien, and Adine, have begun their varied careers.

Taiasin, the eldest daughter, chose the life of a hero. Everyone thought an early death would surely follow that choice but it was not to be. Her path took her to Eston where she met and married the king, Andrew McKay. They had two children together, the twins Moira and David, before Andrew died. Following his death Taiasin moved to Beluaterra to help form the realm Hetland. Unable to settle, she stayed there for a time serving as judge and senator before deciding spontaneously to move again. Her wanderlust eventually led her to her current home of Pian en Luries on Dwilight where she has chosen to be a fairly quiet soldier.

Ktrien, though younger than Taiasin, began her career as a troop leader first in her home land of Talerium. She has been involved in several conflicts across the continent. The majority of her career has been spent as Baroness of Eagle's Glen where her duties require her to hold courts far more often than holding a bow. She is now retired in order to take care of her ailing parents.

Adine, the last and youngest sister, chose the life of walking the shadows. Her path has taken her to nearly every continent where she has been involved in rebellions and all manner of deeds most would consider crimes. Ever the free spirit, she refused to be tied to any one realm until deportation led her to the Far East and eventually to Arcaea. For the first time she found herself forming actual relationships until one day she realized that it had become home. This was compounded by her relationship with Thalathafn Urominiel which developed into a marriage. They had one son, Zaedric, together before Thalathafn was killed in battle. Adine became a Countess, finding herself enjoying life in a complicated balance of the spotlight and the shadows. Due to an interesting event some would call chance, Adine met Duke Goffrey of Topenah. The two fell in love and are set to be wed in Remton where Adine now resides as Duchess and High Priestess of Cra'ithil.

Amelyne recently came into her rightful noble life from years of adventuring. The only daughter of Ktrien, she was raised by peasants while her mother thought she was dead. By chance she moved to the Far East, landing in Soliferum. While there, she discovered the existence of her aunt Adine as the judge Viracocha banned Amelyne for being related to her. Proud to be recognized, even in this circumstance, as being of noble blood, she pressed on until she had enough acknowledgment to claim her title. She now is a soldier in Arcaea, still adjusting to her life amongst the nobles.